zkSync Hypes Launch of Its Next zkEVM Phase as Users Hope for Surprise Airdrop

zkSync Hypes Launch of Its Next zkEVM Phase as Users Hope for Surprise Airdrop

  • Matter Labs Founder and CEO Alex Gluchowski’s mysterious tweets indicate that the company will soon launch the next phase of its zkEVM.
  • Matter Labs’ zkEVM is currently in the Baby Alpha phase and is unavailable to the public.
  • Some are also anticipating a surprise airdrop from zkSync.

zkSync, an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling project, has been hyping up its users on Twitter with mysterious messages.

Matter Labs founder and CEO Alex Gluchowski, plus other people related to the project, have posted multiple mysterious tweets displaying a loading bar, suggesting the next phase of its zkEVM solution will be launched soon.

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Matter Labs’ zkEVM, a solution thought to be the holy grail of Ethereum scaling, is currently in the Baby Alpha phase. In this phase, the zkEVM is still being tested and audited.

The next phase, thought to launch in the next few days, is dubbed Fair Onboarding Alpha. During this phase, projects will be able to deploy their smart contracts, and the team will continue improving the network by expanding tutorials and documentation and increasing transactions per second (TPS).

Matter Labs currently hopes to launch its zkEVM on Ethereum mainnet in the second quarter of 2023. The launch will perhaps coincide with the launch of the zkSync token, which Matter Labs has already confirmed.

However, some users expect the token launch and an airdrop to early users at the same time as the launch of the Fair Onboarding Alpha phase. While Matter Labs has already confirmed that it will allocate most of its tokens to the community, it’s still unclear when it plans to launch it.

On the Flipside

  • Matter Labs has yet to provide a date for the launch of its token. There’s also no official information on how the team plans to distribute the token.
  • Matter Labs calls its zkEVM the “first zkEVM to launch on Ethereum mainnet.” However, some say it’s not a legitimate launch because the zkEVM is still unavailable to the public.

Why You Should Care

zkSync is one of the leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling projects. The highly-anticipated launch of Matter Labs’ zkEVM will be a huge milestone for the Ethereum community in its quest to scale the second-largest blockchain. Those interested can still help test the network and potentially be rewarded later.

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