Vitalik Buterin Announces Launch Of His “Proof-of-Stake” Book Ahead Of The Merge

Vitalik Buterin Announces Launch Of His “Proof-of-Stake” Book Ahead Of The Merge

In anticipation of the Ethereum mainnet merge, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has announced that he will be launching a book based on his writings about the development of the blockchain network over the years.

Buterin to Launch a Book

On Wednesday, August 31, Vitalik Buterin announced that his book “Proof of Stake: The making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchain,” will launch in a month’s time.

Buterin’s book will be released on September 27, two weeks after the expected launch date of the Ethereum mainnet merge. Buterin made the announcement on Twitter, saying;

The Buterin Proof-of-Stake Book

The book is a compilation of Buterin’s essays on the development of Ethereum throughout the years. The writings were collected from his essays before and during the rise of Ethereum.

The book reveals that while others were interested in watching the price of their tokens rise, Buterin “was working through the problems and possibilities of crafting an Internet-native world.”

Ahead of the launch, people can order a signed digital copy and NFTs. Buterin says that the proceeds from the signed digital copies go 100% to funding good causes.

On the Flipside

  • To mitigate the risks of a decentralized finance (DeFi) implosion, Aave has proposed a temporary pause in Ether (ETH) borrowing.

Why You Should Care

The book will serve as an expository into how the co-founder of Ethereum believes the Proof-of-Stake network should function.

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