Unlock Protocol Launches Tool to Airdrop NFTs via Email

Unlock Protocol Launches Tool to Airdrop NFTs via Email

  • Web3 digital rights and creator tooling platform Unlock has announced a new feature that enables creators and brands to airdrop NFTs through email. 
  • The new feature makes airdropping NFT memberships easier for users and brands.

Unlock, an NFT-based protocol, has launched a new feature that allows users to airdrop NFTs directly via email without a wallet. The update is part of Unlock’s initiative to help brands and creators form direct relations with their online communities. 

While secure, Traditional NFT airdrops have too many repetitive and inefficient processes, such as allowlisting and raffles. These processes can make users’ experience feel clunky, especially for NFT membership programs. However, Unlock’s new Email NFT Airdrop solution looks to solve that.

Shoot Me an E-NFT?

Unlock Email NFT Airdrop features will overlook major processes of NFT airdrops, optimizing the crypto on-boarding process for users. The Email NFT Airdrop mechanism will enable brands and creators to leverage on-chain ticketing, loyalty programs, and more without going through inefficient layers. 

Unlock has shared that Brands and creators can use the Email NFT Airdrop tool to better connect with their communities beyond allowlisting, raffling, and loyalty programs, significantly increasing engagement. 

Julien Genestoux, CEO and Founder of Unlock Protocol, shared their view on the current state of NFT experiences, 

"The biggest difficulty for brands wanting to leverage NFTs is the user experience of integrating crypto wallets and being comfortable in that environmen. By taking NFTs directly to audiences through email, a whole new world of adoption is possible. What we've built with this integration has the ability to transform a brand experience into the world of community building."

Historically, brands have suffered in incorporating blockchain-based solutions into their experiences. The crypto space is still new for many users, and setting up a wallet can be difficult for them. Unironically, most major web3 platforms require users to connect with a wallet. 

The mechanism can introduce unwanted friction for target audiences as startups and companies shift to web3. Unlock’s new feature will play an important role in easing users’ transition and making the experience “frictionless.” 

The Founder shared that they’re keen on moving beyond the days of “expensive ape pictures” to using NFTs for digital infrastructure.

On the Flipside

  • Over $100 million have been stolen in airdrop cases by April 2022, according to a report by Elliptic. 
  • While ingenious, scammers and phishers have discredited Airdrops, which is why there is a need for multiple layers of security protocols to make them safer for users. However, this can make the process very clunky.

Why You Should Care

Web3 technologies are still new for many users; not everyone knows how to deal with wallets, NFTs, and airdrops. However, everyone is familiar with using email. Unlock’s Email NFT Airdrop tool fills a big gap in transitioning less tech-savvy users into web3. The protocol’s feature will be important in laying a digital infrastructure using NFTs. 


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