Understanding Linux filesystems: ext4 and beyond

Within Screenshot (Cmd+Shift+5), you have the option to record your entire scree or a selected portion (via the two right-most download logitech unifying usb receiver drivers icons). Once you select a recording option, the Capture button on the far right will switch to Record. Click it to start, and then click the tiny Stop icon in your Mac’s Menu Bar to stop. Like a screenshot, an image/link to your recording will then pop up in the lower-right corner of your screen. Game Bar is a built-in screen recorder and capture tool for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

To see more details at a glance, hover or click on the illustration in the search box. UnderWindows, you’ll see which edition and version of Windows your device is running. If you’re using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, clickSettings, and then clickChange PC settings. This will execute the command, opening the winver window where you can see your version of Windows. The second line in the “About Windows” box tells you which version and build of Windows 10 you have.

  • However, if you still do not have the Game Bar installed for some reason then you can always head on to the Microsoft Store and download it for free.
  • Next, go to the Settings and click on the Output tab.
  • I was able to shrink even more the original OS disk, but the unallocated space is shown on the left when using gParted and I’m unable to resize the root partition.

Windows 10 Game Bar can only support screen recording of one application at a time. This means, you can’t switch to recording another window or ALT + TAB your way after you’ve started recording. Also note that you cannot record your Desktop or File Explorer or Maps.

Windows 11 Build 25174 released, here’s what’s new and improved

With FlashBack Express you can record from your desktop screen and webcam with sound. This application also supports recording the screen with a certain time or automatically when you run a program. You can use Studio mode to add multiple images and text just like during live recording. In addition to the usual live streaming, this free screen recorder can also stream pre-recorded videos as live streams.

Copy URL of the video you want to download from YouTube. You’ll see the list with direct links to all videos posted on this web resource. This method works with all versions of Windows and Mac OS. Five is a numerical value represented as “5” that’s the fifth positive number following the zero.

How do you run the command every time a file is modified?

With software like this, the chances of corrupting your files are zero. To start, download the Ext2Fsd installer file and begin the installation. Accept the terms and installation location, and make sure that under Select Additional Tasks, all the checkboxes are checked. You can type the location yourself, or click Browse to find a suitable output folder before clicking Next. You can also try Ext2Read which again provides read-only access to EXT4 disks and partitions. The rule of thumb that I use is to create a swap partition which is at least equal to the RAM memory, and preferably double that.

How to Start Recording Your Screen

We will also tell you how to set a game bar so that it would produce the best results for you. In the last sections of the article, we will also tell you the best alternative to the Xbox game bar. There are hundreds of gamers that earn millions from YouTube just because they are sharing their gameplays while they are playing them. Recording or streaming your gameplays will help you in this. You just need streaming or recording tools and you are ready to go. Here a series of settings can be used to trim video clips, change mouse highlighter settings, take screenshots, etc.

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