Trump Cards NFT Collection Sells Out as Donald Trump Keeps Most of Them

Trump Cards NFT Collection Sells Out as Donald Trump Keeps Most of Them

NFT enthusiasts aped into Trump Cards, the new NFT collection from ex-US President Donald Trump. Following Trump’s “major announcement,” the newly launched Trump Card NFTs consist of 45,000 aerworks portraying the business mogul in astronaut suits, cowboy dusters, and other stock images from the internet. Some still have watermarks on them.

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Trump Cards “Have Nothing To Do” With Trump Campaign

While some might have expected “the major announcement” to be in relation to Trump running for President, Donald Trump stated that the NFT collection “will have nothing to do” with the elections. Shortly after the announcement, NFT enthusiasts reported issues with the checkout procedure when purchasing the Trump Cards. For instance, buyers would mint the chosen NFT only to end up with nothing, as the NFTs were sent to newly created wallets rather than the user’s connected wallet.

However, this didn’t stop the Trump Cards NFT collection from surging to a floor price of 0.80 ETH (Ethereum) a piece. On top of that, the controversional images surged to $1.17 million in total trading volume on the first day after launch.

Winning a Dream Dinner With Trump is Not That Easy

Furthermore, the Trump Cards NFT collection grossed a total of $6.5 million in trading volume during the weekend, but there’s a catch. The NFT trading stats clearly show that 1,000 NFTs, mostly the rarest type, have been minted by the same wallet. It’s none other than Mr. Trump, proudly keeping the best parts of his immortalized glory close to his bosom.

Besides, the perks of purchasing the NFTs include “a Zoom call with Donald Trump,” “a dinner with Trump,” and autographed memorabilia with portraits of Trump playing golf or pridefully standing in a golden bar rain. However, it turns out “dinner with Trump” is just a fundraiser event. At the same time, “a Zoom call with Donald Trump” is a group call “subject to eligibility verification,” according to the terms and conditions.

As if that wasn’t enough, Donald Trump’s own NFT collection comes precisely one year after his wife, Melania, dropped her authentic NFT collection on Solana (SOL). Surprisingly or not, Melania Trump similarly bought her own NFTs to Donald Trump. In addition, Saturday Night Live didn’t miss the chance to introduce the hilarious Trump Cards, as the 45th President of the United States aims to “make America great again” again.

On the Flipside

  • In 2019, entrepreneur-turned-president Donald Trump disclosed that he “doesn’t even like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which are not money.”
  • On top of that, the ex-president confirmed his stance in 2021 when he uttered: “Bitcoin (BTC) is a scam, competing against the dollar.”

Why You Should Care

NFT collections based on celebrities often collect huge net profits and contribute towards retail crypto adoption.

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