Top 10 Learn-to-Earn Programs for Crypto Enthusiasts in 2023

Top 10 Learn-to-Earn Programs for Crypto Enthusiasts in 2023

Learn-to-earn platforms are decentralized apps that offer people an incentive to learn about the world of blockchain. The main idea behind these sorts of apps is to incentivize people to learn about blockchain technology. By spreading blockchain knowledge, they will be inadvertently contributing to the mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

In essence, their goal is to make as many people as possible understand crypto. This may, in turn, guarantee the future of crypto by creating new users and even investors. 

If you’re a crypto enthusiast and would love to earn as you learn about crypto, then you should check out these ten learn-to-earn programs in 2023. 

1. Binance Earn (Binance Academy)

Binance Earn

As a subsection of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, ‘Binance Earn‘ is a dedicated hub where individuals can see their earning possibilities made real. One of the many options here, and one that needs no prerequisite funding, is its learn-to-earn program.

By using ‘Binance Academy, interested participants can build on their blockchain knowledge, take quizzes, and earn different crypto assets for free, with a wide range of different crypto rewards available for each course.

However, participants should manage their expectations when it comes to how much they can actually earn from using Binance Academy. It would most likely be a stipend. 

2. Earnathon


Unlike the majority of the projects on this list, Earnathon is a dedicated learning website offering a wide range of courses focused on crypto-related projects. Here, users can explore and learn about the fast-growing blockchain and cryptocurrency industry at large, how crypto works, and much more.

Essentially, the platform has two main offerings; the first is learn and earn, although not every course offers direct incentives for completing them other than the pursuit of relevant knowledge. The second, on the other hand, is more geared towards businesses and projects looking to promote their brands, providing them with vital exposure by allowing millions of people to learn about what they do, and perhaps, by incentivizing them with their native assets.

So far, at least seven projects are registered on the platform, offering their native tokens as rewards to entice users into deciding to take their courses, learn more about them, and maybe even become adopters. Prominent names here include Puppy Planet, X Plus, and Xend Finance.

Because of the crypto winter, these native tokens have taken a hit in their value. Hence, they are most likely not worth as much money as participants may think.

3. CoinMarketCap Earn


CoinMarketCap is a very well-known crypto website. However, unlike the trading platforms listed elsewhere, CoinMarketCap is a price-tracking website for crypto assets. Although the site’s mission is to make crypto more accessible and efficient around the world by providing unbiased, high-quality, and reliable information to retail consumers, CoinMarketCap has also made room for learning.

Users take lessons about various crypto assets (on both top and emerging projects) and their systems, testing their knowledge in the process, and also earn crypto by doing it.

What really sets CoinMarketCap Earn apart as a unique program is that it has partnered with trusted and developing projects to incentivize early adopters, particularly those who are interested in learning more about the project. The partnerships provide such platforms with the opportunity to offer users an easy means of learning about their crypto project and its incentives, which usually come in their native assets.

Unfortunately, due to the crypto winter, these native assets have seen their value fall off a cliff. Therefore, students who choose to use CoinMarketCap should not have very high expectations concerning how much they might earn.

4. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase earn

Yet another crypto trading marketplace to make the list, Coinbase Earn is a service that provides an option for individuals to learn about crypto and earn crypto while they do it. Like the majority of its competitors, Coinbase Earn has a vast catalog of educational tutorials, the majority of which are videos. 

Here, individuals can pick any of the available cryptocurrency-related topics to learn about, after which they will be required to put their newly-found knowledge to the test by completing a number of quizzes. If they are successful in demonstrating their understanding, participants are rewarded with cryptocurrencies that vary depending on the course chosen.

For instance, there is one particular course dedicated to a project known as ‘The Graph’, a protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data. By learning how the protocol works via the Coinbase Learn and Earn program, participants are rewarded with the project’s native currency – $GRT.

Sadly, $GRT is not worth as much as it used to be. Therefore, users should probably expect to earn very little in terms of fiat value. 

5. Cake DeFi


Lending protocol Cake DeFi offers a dedicated learn-to-earn crypto program in equal part to its major products, including liquidity mining, staking, borrowing, and lending. Users can visit the dedicated learning platform and engage in any of its three main courses. The first two seminars are focused on the basic concepts of DeFiChain’s native token, and Bitcoin, both of which are traded on the network. The third lesson is intended to focus on Ethereum as a programmable blockchain with smart contract functionality.

As a taste of the platform’s offerings, users who sign up are eligible for up to $20 in crypto rewards. These rewards, however, must first undergo a 1-month conditional freezing period before they can be applied to any of the products offered on CakeDeFi where applicable.

Again, learners who want to learn and earn must understand that this isn’t an avenue to build wealth. This is not the stock market, and there are very limited opportunities to actually make a lot of money through learn-to-earn. However, these apps can probably provide people with stipends– if that is what they are looking for.

6. KuCoin


Another crypto exchange to offer various earning programs, one of which includes learn-to-earn, is KuCoin. Unlike the majority of its peers, KuCoin’s website has a dedicated section known as the “Reward Hub”  where interested participants can participate in any of the available tasks, including school modules, to earn USDT.

Currently, participants can choose to engage in any of the available 16 course modules. The program allows users to complete learning tasks by reading or watching guides on the basics of cryptocurrencies, trading skills, or more specific trading nuances. Once complete, participants are rewarded with free USDT tokens or coupon rewards that can be utilized across the network’s range of trading instruments.

Sadly, the crypto winter means that the ceiling for earning with this tool has been drastically reduced by market conditions. 

7. Phemex


Aside from being a crypto trading and investment platform, Phemex also offers various opportunities for users to earn crypto, some of which include crypto savings, staking, and earnings diversification. However, while most of these opportunities require upfront capital for investing, there is one that needs no prerequisite capital.

The Phemex’s Learn-to-Earn program enables users to earn on the platform simply by watching informative videos that teach traders about basic crypto concepts, as well as the exchange’s features. Additionally, participants are required to complete different quizzes, each of which, when passed, grants rewards in the form of either crypto or trading bonuses. These rewards, of course, can be exchanged for fiat money or could even be used to invest in other projects in the ecosystem. 

Unfortunately, the fiat value of these trading bonuses and assets has fallen off a cliff because of the present market. This means that participants should manage their expectations when talking about how much they can actually earn from the app.

8. EarnCrypto

Earn Crypto

EarnCrypto offers its users various ways to earn cryptocurrency for free, one of which, of course, is learning. Interested users can educate themselves about the business of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through the platform’s helpful guides, the majority of which come in written and video formats. 

Users typically watch entertaining videos, take surveys, and complete various tasks, which sometimes include downloading and testing crypto applications. Each of the aforementioned options qualifies participants to earn in any of the platform’s 50 cryptocurrencies as incentives.

Notably, EarnCrypto currently boasts one of the highest payout ratios, claiming, on its website, to have made over 57,000 payouts to community members.

While EarnCrypto’s payout ratio is decent, the real question is the value of those individual payouts. Sadly, due to the crypto winter, the value of those payouts is reducing by the day. 

9.  BitDegree

Bit Degree

BitDegree is particularly unique when compared to the majority of its peers. Unlike most platforms, on which learners work their way through modular courses, BitDegree takes crypto education a step further. It even has plans to launch the ‘Learnoverse‘ – a crypto-learning metaverse that is widely considered to be the first of its kind. 

Generally speaking, BitDegree is on a mission to become the number one crypto educator in the realm of Web 3.0. As such, it provides its community with advanced crypto-learning tools, including the highly anticipated Learnoverse

Simply put, students on the app are able to learn about exciting crypto projects by watching a series of fun and informative video content bites known as ‘Learndrops.’ Thereafter, they will be required to demonstrate what they have learned by completing a quick assessment that puts their knowledge to the test. Afterward, they will be rewarded with cryptocurrency based on their performance.

As a proprietary initiative, successful learners are also awarded NFT certificates. They can take advantage of them through the network’s tokenomic system to commercialize their learning skills. The link below has more information about the project.

BitDegree Is Launching the First Metaverse That Will Pay Users to Learn

The dismal performance of NFT assets in the bear market unfortunately means that these NFT certificates are most likely not worth much. 

10. Publish0x


As the name clearly implies, this particular project is not a dedicated learning platform in a direct sense. Rather, it allows users to earn crypto by publishing, reading, or watching crypto-related content through the platform. 

The website is designed to feature various categories under which users can post related content. The usual suspects of general news and PR feature heavily, but there are also other categories outlined in relation to specific crypto projects. This being the case, users can decide to publish or read content on an array of specific topics. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Statera, Fantom, and many more. 

There is also an option for users to explore the site based on personal interests. Curious browsers can search for content related directly to music, digital art, the stock market, investing, photography, poetry, fiction, comics, creative writing, crypto and blockchain news, market analysis & trading, airdrops and so much more.

Sadly, the bear market has driven lower activity in the cryptosphere, hence the earning capacity of users has reduced drastically. 

What Can You Earn With More-To-Earn?

While these apps will definitely offer some avenues to earn money, they should not be mistaken for investment vehicles. This means that no well-meaning investor should look to them as companies that can turn a profit. They aren’t stocks that will mature at some time in the future. 

These apps are, for all intents and purposes, altruistic attempts by the crypto ecosystem to challenge people to actually learn about crypto. Hence, they are really only for people who would like to learn about crypto and want to earn some money on the side. Not people who want to be stock market millionaires of crypto. 

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