Thetan Arena Celebrates Festive Season in Two New Campaigns

Thetan Arena Celebrates Festive Season in Two New Campaigns

  • Popular Web3 esports MOBA Thetan Arena has announced the launching of two new campaigns celebrating the Christmas season. 
  • The Giftmas Fortune Wheel and Mythical Christmas events aim to make Christmas this year memorable for all players. 

The Web3 MOBA pioneer has shared that it’s eager to celebrate the season of giving with rewards worth $15,000. Starting tomorrow, players can indulge in the holiday spirit as they earn exclusive rewards, including NFTs, consoles, smartphones, and more. 

Besides celebrating Giftmas, Thetan Arena has also announced Christmas-themed hero skins. Starting December 17th, five of Thetan Arena’s champions will receive exclusive Christmas-themed skins that players can buy until Christmas. 

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‘Tis the Season to be Merry

Thetan Arena has quickly become the biggest MOBA in Web3 since its inception. Earlier this year, Binance published a report claiming Thetan Arena had an estimated 21 million active players and 900,000 NFT holders. 

Thetan Arena has retained its user numbers with exciting events, gifts, and tournaments this year. Giftmas Fortune Wheel and Mythical Christmas will be the newest additions to its eventful year, celebrating the Christmas spirit of giving. 

Here are all the details about Giftmas Fortune Wheel:

  • The event will take place from December 15 to January 3, enabling players to earn exclusive rewards. 
  • To participate in the event, users can get fortune wheel tickets to spin a wheel and determine their gifts. 
  • Users can get these tickets by completing tasks on the marketplace or purchasing Christmas boxes during December 17-25. 
  • Rewards will include a $15,000 prize pool in partnership with Binance and Sequence. 
  • In-game rewards such as NFT heroes, cosmetics, PowerPoints, and THG. 
  • Physical rewards include iPad Airs, Nintendo Switches, Razer Products, and BUSD airdrops. 
  • In-game gifts will be transferred directly to the users’ wallets; however, physical rewards will be deployed post-event, with the delivery timing depending on the location and type of item. 

Here’s a quick summary of the upcoming Mythical Christmas event: 

  • Starting December 17, Christmas Boxes will be available on the native marketplace until December 25. 
  • Players can get their hands on exclusive Christmas-themed hero skins. 
  • Reindeer Mary,’ ‘Big Santa Big Papa,’ ‘Penguin Culien,’ ‘Geisha Lucy Muffy’, and ‘Strelitzia Phoenix’ are featured in the event. 
  • Skins will come with bonuses, including 400 Power Points, extra Giftmas Fortune Wheel tickets, and more. 
  • Thetan Arena will be activating Christmas-themed maps. 

On the Flipside

  • There are speculations that most of Thetan Arena’s estimated 21 million players were bots. 
  • Today, DappRadar reports Thetan Arena is home to 18.2 thousand monthly unique active wallets (UAW). The Sandbox and Decentraland were put under fire for projecting low UAW numbers despite being the most significant players in Web3.

Why You Should Care

Events and tournaments are at the heart of traditional gaming. Games will welcome old and new players as they return home for the holiday season. Christmas events can excite and incentivise players to play Thetan Arena during the holidays. 


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