The Spells of Genesis Social Hub is Being Brought To The Sandbox by EverdreamSoft

The Spells of Genesis Social Hub is Being Brought To The Sandbox by EverdreamSoft

Blockchain-based mobile game Spells of Genesis (SoG) announced taking the next development step by introducing Askian Door social hub in the Sandbox metaverse. The estimated launch date is September 30th. 

To mark this step, the creators of SoG, a Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft promised a special giveaway on their Twitter account in the coming weeks. 

Interactive Metaverse Experience

In the social hub, players will come face-to-face with their favorite in-game characters and interact with them. 

Users will also be able to hunt for hidden Satoshi Blocks dispersed around the SoG metaverse and explored interesting locations, many of which have close connections to the game. 

EverdreamSoft maintains an Estate of 6×6 land plots in The Sandbox. Its Spells of Genesis – Askian Door social hub resides on one of the land plots, with more experiences to occur across the Estate in the coming months and years.

Premium NFTs

In February, the Sandbox community members had the opportunity to buy digital real estate land around the EverdreamSoft Estate. By owning land, participants received three premium NFTs, including the Spells of Genesis’ iconic Bearwhale.

The EverdreamSoft team also dropped SoG NFTs in April 2022 through a collaboration with talented artists from Nabiya studio. A series of 14 voxelized NFTs were available to eligible community members.

The classic Spells of Genesis NFT collection will be on The Sandbox Marketplace, along with ten all-new NFTs.

Special Giveaway

Users that purchased an NFT and took part in the previous or new drop will have a chance to win a The SandBox Season 3 Alpha Pass. The holders of these passes who complete missions during Alpha Season 3 can earn rewards worth up to 500 $SAND.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is an event that runs for ten weeks and spans over 90 different experiences. There are 10,000 Alpha Passes available in total, with up to 500 $SAND and other guaranteed rewards for Season 3 Alpha pass holders. 

EverdreamSoft will give away three such passes via their official Twitter account. More information on these giveaways will be announced via the EverdreamSoft and Spells of Genesis accounts in the coming weeks. 

Furthermore, everyone who owns an NFT from the SoG collection on The Sandbox Marketplace will gain exclusive access to all future Spells of Genesis experiences within The Sandbox. 

Pioneering in Blockchain Gaming

EverdreamSoft was founded in 2010 as a game studio. Since 2014 EDS has been pioneering the integration and use of blockchain tools in gaming and digital collectibles.

With their mobile game Spells of Genesis, pre-launched in 2015, EverdreamSoft set a trend of “true ownership” of digital assets. EDS is also the creator of EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite

It is an integrated suite of tools allowing to explore, create, share and manage “Orbs” – rare digital items (art, game items, collectibles) linked to blockchain tokens. EverdreamSoft is also one of the founding members of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn game that combines blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs in a 3D metaverse. Its virtual world allows players to create and customize their games and digital assets with free design tools. The virtual goods created can then be monetized as NFTs and sold for SAND tokens on The Sandbox Marketplace.

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