Solana Free-to-Play Game Genopets to Introduce Crafting Feature

Solana Free-to-Play Game Genopets to Introduce Crafting Feature

  • Genopets launches a crafting feature, which lets players create different items and hidden recipes and the opportunity to craft improved add-ons.
  • The first crafting phase introduces add-on variations with unique visual styles and numerous crystal color variants.

Through the introduction of the new crafting system, players can create crystals and augments. 

These crafted items will come as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which automatically makes them tradable or sellable on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace.

Genopets Crafting Prerequisites

To begin crafting, each player must have their own habitat within the game. If a player does not have one, they can simply rent it. Each player will also need Crystals, KI, and GENE tokens. 

  • Genotype Crystals are used to build a variety of different in-game items. The Refine Genotype Crystals are the base layer ingredients that are utilized across all crafting recipes. 
  • The KI token is the utility token for Genopets and is used to create Refined Crystals.
  • The GENE token is the governance and staking token and represents value in the game. The token has the additional functionality of letting players craft in-game NFTs.

Chroma Crystals are used to change how the pet looks in terms of its color, while Augments are cosmetic items that can boost the pet’s stats.

What Players can Expect from the Crafting System

There are three main augments: Style, Class, and Variant. 

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Style is how the argument looks visually, while Class sets the Augment’s power level and stat modifiers. Variants set the specific power and stat modifiers within a specific range. 

Through crafting, players can create a default Augment, an Enhanced Variant, or a Superior Variant. 

There are hundreds of add-ons. They can come in seven forms: eyes, ears, mane, antennae, tails, wings, and horns. These bring improvements to the appearance, as well as the basic characteristics.

Remember that Genopets is an animal-themed Free-to-Play (F2P) NFT game that features Move-to-Earn elements and is built on the Solana Network. 

Each pet begins with the same default stats correlating to their health, defense, hit points (HP), and speed. Once a pet levels up, they increase their stats.

On the Flipside

  • The stats do not do anything currently. However, this will change in the future when the battle mode is implemented.
  • Some variants are available only through specific events. For example, the Treasure Hunt dropped the first-ever Variant known as “Alkali.” These will only be available during the hunt and have different abilities and stats. 

Why You Should Care

The Genopets crafting expansion brings a much higher level of utility across both the native cryptocurrency and numerous other in-game mechanics. The add-ons also give players many more customization options, and they can tailor their pets toward different combat styles. All of this contributes to a much higher level of strategy within the game.

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