Samsung Partners with Polygon-Based Streaming App SAVAGE to Bring Videos to Web3 Users

Samsung Partners with Polygon-Based Streaming App SAVAGE to Bring Videos to Web3 Users

  • Samsung has partnered with Polygon-based Streaming App SAVAGE to bring high-quality pictures and videos to Web3 users.
  • SAVAGE claims its smart TV app can connect seamlessly to IRL displays.
  • Recently, SAVAGE collaborated with SupraOracle to boost creator economy gains.
  • Polygon also made several collaborations in 2022 with the likes of Starbucks, NIKE, Meta, and Flipkart.

To bring high-quality images and videos to Web3 users, Polygon-based Streaming App SAVAGE has collaborated with Samsung, a leading manufacturer of electronic devices. In a Twitter post, the streaming protocol maintained that its partnership with the firm would help improve its Web3 offerings.

According to SAVAGE, its smart TV app has a feature capable of aiding seamless connectivity of IRL display. More so, the app is enveloped with right-managed contracts embedded into the metadata and thus possesses the potential to reach over 25 million households.

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SAVAGE and Polygon are Developing More Collaborations

Recently, SAVAGE collaborated with SupraOracle, a notable Web3 blockchain platform, to enable the creator economy to obtain more NFT gains. The Polygon-based Stream App banked on the partnership to widen its use cases, using the oracle network, which can interact with numerous NFT assets across different chains. 

Polygon has continued to provide support for DeFi apps to thrive. As of press time, it enjoys a high adoption rate, housing over 53,000 decentralized projects. 

It has been reported that Polygon facilitated over 960 million transactions and deployed 778,000 smart contracts with 234,000 contract creators in 2022. 

Polygon, in a bid to expand its offering, integrated Bebop, a decentralized trading platform, last November. The integration allows Bebop users to transact faster with the same price quality when trading on the platform. 

Furthermore, Meta launched a toolkit in November for Instagram users to mint and sell NFTs through Polygon. As a result, content creators on Instagram can design and sell their digital collectibles on and off the platform.

It collaborated with the leading e-commerce firm Flipkart last December. Through the partnership, both firms want to develop a Blockchain E-commerce Centre of Excellence (CoE) to focus on advancing the future of e-commerce in Web3 and the metaverse. 

In 2022, Polygon also collaborated with other Web2 firms like NIKE and Starbucks to onboard their users into Web3.

On the Flipside

  • Though Polygon underwent some major collaborations in 2022, it couldn’t escape the rage of the crypto bear market. As a result, the market capitalization of Polygon has fallen by 60% from its one-year high, and its price has also declined by 66.5% in the same period.

Why You Should Care

Polygon’s recent collaboration is another example of its expansion into new markets. The Polygon ecosystem had a productive year in 2022 as the project integrated many firms into its platform. We may see more collaborations from this prominent Layer-2 network this year as well.


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