Ripple Released 1B XRP From Escrow. What to Expect?

Ripple Released 1B XRP From Escrow. What to Expect?

Ripple unlocked 1 billion XRP coins from its escrow wallet on the first day of July. The move is a planned part of Rippleโ€™s escrow policies, however, it dumped the XRP price by more than 6% in a few hours today.ย 

As the crypto tracker Whale Alert reported, nearly $329 million worth of XRP coins has left the escrow wallet to Rippleโ€™s account during 2 identical transactions earlier on Friday.

The circulating supply of the 8th biggest crypto by market cap, sits at 48.34B XRP at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap.

Billions XRP Locked to Stabilize Supply

The blockchain payment company Ripple Labs, has locked 55 billion XRP coins, or 55% of its total supply, into multiple ledger escrows back in 2017. According to the company, this was done in order to ensure additional predictability to the XRP supply.

Escrows, that exist on the XRP ledger and are controlled by a consensus mechanism, keep the established amount of coins locked and deliver it later when certain conditions are met.ย 

Since February 2018, Rippleโ€™s escrows are set to unlock 1 billion XRP coins every month. The company, however, has the right to return a certain amount of the coins into a new escrow, which it usually does.

Within the past 44 months, Ripple has unlocked 54 billion coins and has also returned 44.5 billion XRP to the escrows since today. This converts to around 800 million on XRP on average every month.ย 

As it is known,ย  the company has made a decision to return the major part or unlocked XRPs back to the escrows due to its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. It usually locks back the released coins in several hours after the unlocking.

However, Whale Alert has not reported any massive XRP transfers back to Rippleโ€™s escrows since the 1 billion XRP unlock earlier today, meaning that the company has not started to return coins back to the escrow yet.

XRP Price Declined

Meanwhile, the price of XRP plummeted by more than 6.2% in few hours after the billion of new coins flushed into circulation. The coin touched the lowest level of $0.3123 today and floats just sats above the same level at the time of writing.

ripple xrp price

XRP has been on a rise on Thursday, increasing more than 8% within a day after the prolonged decline since June 24. The coin then touched the level of $0.3749 prior to losing more than 17% of its value in a single week.

The price decline coincided with massive XRP token transfers from wallets to crypto exchange Bitstamp. As crypto tracker Whale Alerts reported, around 600 million of XRP coins were moved into anonymous wallets on Bitstamp in multiple transfers over the last week of the second quarter.

Historically, rising coin inflows are seen as a bearish trend signal, as it indicates that investors are wary of long-term holdings.

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