Outstanding Argentine Women Receive NFTs as Awards

Outstanding Argentine Women Receive NFTs as Awards

  • The awards were given by international organization Women Economic Forum.
  • It is the first time that an organization of this type has awarded prizes in a digital format to promote innovation.
  • The NFTs awarded as prizes were created by the Argentine artist Paula Rivero.

The international organization Women Economic Forum recognized the work of several Argentine personalities in different areas of national life, including economics, science, arts, and sports.

The WEF awards ceremony, which took place on Monday, October 17 at the San Martín Palace in Buenos Aires, according to the local press, included NFT awards, which were projected on screens so that the public attending the event could appreciate them.

In addition to the virtual pieces created by the artist Paula Rivero, the 10 winners received expressionist sculptures. The physical works of art, also made by the artist, are inspired by feminine strength and the quest for the emancipation of women from the social controls that limit their dreams.

The pieces were made of steel, leather, and feathers, for which the artist used the ancient palimpsest technique, a kind of erased manuscript in which a new text is rewritten.

The WEF 2022 awards were given in the categories of Woman of the Decade, Outstanding Woman, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Company Director, Company, Young Innovator, Artist, Sportswoman, and Scientist 2022.

The collection of NFTs received by the 10 most outstanding Argentine women of the year is hosted by the Carnaval Art marketplace, an organization that supports the Women Economic Forum of Argentina.

On the Flipside

  • The Women Economic Forum is a branch of the international organization All Ladies League (ALL), based in India.
  • The organization, made up of some 250,000 women and supporters around the world, seeks to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership of women in different areas.

Why You Should Care

  • It is the first time in history that an NFT has been given as an award by an international organization.

In addition to rewarding the talent and effort of women who promote equality, diversity, the arts, sciences, sports, and medicine, WEF Argentina said it wanted to incorporate crypto art this year to promote innovation.


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