Opepen NFTs on Blur Surge 700%, Blur Breaks Trading Record

Opepen NFTs on Blur Surge 700%, Blur Breaks Trading Record

  • The generative art collection by Jack Butcher is trending on Blur and OpenSea.
  • Opepen Edition NFT floor price skyrocketed by 700% in the last 14 days. 
  • Emerging NFT marketplace Blur amassed over $653 million in trading volume.

The quickly emerging NFT marketplace Blur.io is back in the limelight again, accelerated by the popularity of Opepen Edition NFTs. The generative art collection by Jack Butcher skyrocketed by 98.72% in the last seven days on Blur.io, upping the entry barrier to 0.79 Ethereum (ETH).

On top of that, the current NFT floor price signifies a 700% increase in the last two weeks. According to crypto analyst GoChart, the 0.74 ETH price range was due for a breakout, meaning that Opepen NFTs are due for a “nice base and reversal” if the trend persists.

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Generative Art NFTs on the Rise

The smash hit contemporary art NFT collection is also trending on the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea and is featured on Coinbase NFT, among other popular NFT marketplaces. As Crypto Twitter is buzzing with NFT art lovers bragging about their acquired NFTs, it seems that Jack Butcher’s latest two NFT collections are competing amongst themselves. 

Indeed, the iconic VV Checks NFT collection scooped up over 660 Ethereum (ETH) in daily trading volume and is priced higher than Opepen Edition NFTs. With 1.20 Ethereum as the NFT floor price, VV Checks NFT project made a name for Jack Butcher in digital art.

Blur Makes History with Three All-Time Highs

The recent spike in NFT trading volume across all platforms seems most beneficial for Blur, the new marketplace dedicated to professional NFT traders. Blur.io topped the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea last week, as the Opepen Edition NFT art collection surged 1073.33%.

Ultimately, this has resulted in Blur reaching three new all-time highs. Firstly, Blur NFT made 352,051 sales with 54,119 unique wallet numbers. Hence, the massive weekly trading volume crowned Blur the top gas guzzler, as per Nansen data. Closing the week with 394,000 Ethereum (ETH) in trading, Blur NFT marketplace is making a name for itself in the NFT space.

On the Flipside:

  • Many crypto traders on Twitter suspect that Blur’s marketplace is often used for ‘wash trading’ – a term coined to indicate artificial transactions between the same wallets to reap staking rewards and dramatically increase the total trading volume.

Why You Should Care:

With over $560 million in weekly trading volume, Blur might throw down the gauntlet to competitor OpenSea and shape the blue-chip NFT market by introducing zero fees.

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