Onessus Unveils Operation Instinct Engine & Battleground NFTs

Onessus Unveils Operation Instinct Engine & Battleground NFTs

Just as it seemed like Onessus would never bounce back, it dropped its brand new game engine —’Operation Instinct’ as part of its latest announcement. The dApp development studio created ‘Operation Instinct’ for exclusively use in blockchain and NFT games. 

A few months prior, Onessus also released the demo for ‘Project Venom’, a battle royale which runs on the new game engine.

Operation Instinct: What Is It?

To begin with, Onessus calls Operation Instinct its “secret bear market plan”, which certainly explains the timing of the announcement. 

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Operation Instinct is a development platform and game studio rolled into one. The new engine supports blockchain tokens as well as NFTs. 

“Operation Instinct can provide a ton of utility to any projects, across any blockchain, with an extremely low barrier of entry. It is as simple as downloading, and running a game client, no technical infrastructure or any bottlenecks to worry about,” the Onessus announcement read.

Using the all-new tool, Onessus plans to offer game development services to other studios and Web 3.0 entities. The developer also intends to use the revenue generated from the engine to fund ‘HodlGod’, ‘NiftyVille’, and other projects.

Onessus Introduces Battleground NFTs

In tandem with Operation Instinct, Onessus also unveiled ‘Battleground’ NFTs. In order to deliver full value to its community, the developer will be initiating a “shift.”

Our goal now is to deliver as much value as we can to our community, while building a sustainable business model that isn’t reliant on NFT/Token sales,” the development studio said in an official statement. 

To begin with, holders of Onessus NFTs can elect to burn their NFT tokens for credits. With these newly acquired credits, users can then buy Battleground NFTs.

Holders of these new NFTs get access to the development side of P2E games. However, the most interesting part of the deal is that Battlegrounds NFT holders will also gain licensing rights to the game engine.

Holders will also be able to build their own games, have their own tokens, and do much more. 

Any project that wants our studio to build their game will firstly be required to own one of these NFTs. This is the power of our new Battlegrounds NFTs,” says the official press release.

What Can You Do with Battleground NFTs

With Battlegrounds NFTs, users can:

  • Access Project Venom, NiftyVille: Gang Wars, and other pre-built game clients. Users can run their own P2E businesses, complete with their own tokens, rules, and everything else.
  • Hire Onessus’ development studio and task them with building a custom game. The package starts at $35k.
  • Gain exclusive access to the Battlegrounds Discord community. Here, holders can discuss business strategies with important people

You can view the full official blog post here.

A Sneak Peek into NiftyVille

A sneak peek into NiftyVille

Onessus provided players with a glimpse into NiftyVille and some of its mini games:

  • NiftyVille Exotic Car Races: As it’s built on the new game engine, players can choose to have an AI bot control their cars.
  • NiftyVille: Gang Wars: A mini battle royale game in which players and their squads have to defeat AI gangs.

Onessus has also planned property auctions for NiftyVille, including character NFTs, utilities for real estate, and car NFT holders.

Why You Should Care

  • As per Onessus’ official blog, the company had been working on the engine for quite some time. An exclusive Web 3.0 game engine would certainly be a great tool for game development, as well as revenue generation.
  • Aside from the game engine, Onessus has outlined clear plans to add further value with Battleground NFTs.

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