Notorious B.I.G. NFT Collection Sells Out In 10 Minutes

Notorious B.I.G. NFT Collection Sells Out In 10 Minutes

“Long Live the King of New York”, the slogan coined by fans of Biggie Smalls all over the world, now also applies to Web 3.0. The ‘Sky’s The Limit’ NFT collection showcases the iconic Hip Hop artist’s style in 3,000 different ways.

3,000 NFTs Sold in the Blink of an Eye

OneOf NFT, the NFT platform behind the new collection, aims to “connect fans and collectors to their favorite artists, athletes & brands”. With the finely crafted pieces of digital art selling out within 10 minutes, Biggie Smalls fans are already asking “what’s next?”. Indeed, the OneOf NFT has plenty in store for those looking to contribute, as NFT holders on the platform also gain voting rights.

The lucky NFT holders will now be able to join the ‘Sky’s The Limit Collective’ and vote on who gets permission to remix Biggie’s ‘Fulton Street Freestyle’. Freestyle marks the beginning of Notorious B.I.G’s journey into music. Brooklyn, home to a great many iconic emcees, now has Christopher Wallace Way, a street right next to Fulton, to celebrate the late Hip Hop icon.

It comes as no surprise that in the over saturated music business, quality is sometimes overlooked. However, Sky’s The Limit NFT holders now have the unique opportunity to make sure this doesn’t happen, as anyone hoping to remix Notorious B.I.G’s Fulton Street Freestyle will first have to gainthe approval of the Collective.

BIG & Stylish Entrance into Web 3.0

When it comes to “style”, Biggie Smalls is considered by many Hip Hop enthusiasts and experts to have the best flow. On top of that, the authentic fashion style of Christopher Wallace includes both the baggy urban style of the 90s rapper, as well as formal suits reminiscent of classic movies like Scarface or The King of New York (1990), from which the rapper adopted “The Big Frank White” alias.

On top of that, The Sky’s The Limit NFT owners will be able to participate in real-life exclusive events, VIP airdrops and early access to the Brook Metaverse, which is set for release in late 2022, and is said to be a representation of real-life Brooklyn. Finally, according to OneOf, NFT holders should can expect “some BIG surprises”.

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