North Korean Hackers Attempt to Launder Additional $27 Million from Harmony Bridge Hack

North Korean Hackers Attempt to Launder Additional $27 Million from Harmony Bridge Hack

North Korean hackers responsible for the Harmony Bridge attack have attempted to launder $27 million in Ethereum (ETH), just days after the FBI confirmed that two groups of North Korean government hackers were behind the exploit.

North Korean Hackers Continue Moving Harmony Bridge Exploit

Two weeks after the North Korean cybercrime organization Lazarus Group moved 41,000 Ether ($63.9 million) from the 2022 Harmony Bridge hack, the group has attempted to launder an additional 17,278 ETH worth about $27 million.

ZachXBT, a Crypto Investigative Researcher, reported via Twitter on January 29th that the hackers had just finished laundering another $27.18 million from the Harmony Bridge exploit. 

The on-chain sleuth reported that the hackers tried to move the funds through exchanges as they did with the $63.9 million on January 13th. However, he refrained from disclosing which platforms had received the ETH. ZachXBT tweeted:

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Exchanges Act Fast to Freeze Some of the Funds

The funds were reportedly sent to six exchanges using three main wallet addresses. Although no names were revealed, ZachXBT notified the exchanges of the transactions.

Upon receiving notification, some exchanges acted quickly, and part of the stolen assets were frozen.

On the Flipside

  • When asked how much was frozen, ZachXBT replied it was up to the exchanges to share the details.

Why You Should Care

The FBI reported recently that last year’s heist of $100 million from Harmony Bridge was carried out by two groups of North Korean government hackers, the Lazarus Group and APT38.

The previous attempt to launder funds from Harmony Bridge is covered in:
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Read more on the FBI report below:
FBI Confirms Lazarus and APT38 as Masterminds of $100M Harmony Hack

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