Nissan Enters Web 3.0 in Collaboration with Animoca’s Grease Monkey Games

Nissan Enters Web 3.0 in Collaboration with Animoca’s Grease Monkey Games

Nissan Motor Company officiated its transition into Web 3.0 by collaborating with Grease Monkey Games, an Australian-based video game studio and subsidiary of Animoca brands

Grease Monkey Games will launch variants of Nissan Cars as playable NFTs in its upcoming motorsport title ‘Torque Drift 2.’ The game will host Nissan’s first Web 3.0 experience featuring licensed ‘Nissan’, ‘NISMO’, ‘Infiniti’, and ‘Datsun’ NFTs. 

The historic collaboration between the Japanese automaker and Grease Monkey Games is part of Animoca Brands’ mission to catalyze Web 3.0 adoption by helping institutions and industry giants to establish their brands in the Web 3.0 space. 

Nissan: Latest Automaker to Move To Web 3.0

After Ford, Nissan will be the latest major automaker to migrate to Web 3.0. Previously, Ford filed trademark applications across its car brands, indicating its plan to establish a Web 3.0 presence.

Here are some details about Nissan’s migration into Web 3.0: 

  • Torque Drift 2 is a Play to Earn (P2E) motorsport game with interactive NFTs developed by Grease Monkey Games. The game will be Animoca Brands’ latest REVV Motorsport ecosystem expansion and will host Nissan’s first Web 3.0 experience.
  • Grease Monkey Games and Nissan have planned to release 15 unique Nissan models in Torque Drift 2 over the next 12 months. The collection will be inaugurated with the release of five variants from the ‘180SX’ models, including ‘Sil80’, and seven variants from the ‘370z’ model, including the ‘50th-anniversary’ edition. 
  • Torque Drift 2 aims to deliver an environmentally friendly motorsport title by building on Polygon, a climate-friendly blockchain network.
  • Grease Monkey Games will actively work with Nissan to ensure the NFTs accurately represent the real model. To maintain accuracy, Nissan will be giving Grease Monkey Games access to 3D renders and specifications of their models.

Urvit Goel, head of global games business development at Polygon Studios, shared his excitement by lauding Nissan’s Web 3.0 entry. He called Torque Drift 2 one of the most significant implementations of blockchain and NFT technology by a major global brand yet.

Arran Potter, the founder and managing director of Grease Monkey Games, celebrated Nissan’s legacy and influence in drifting and motorsport. He added that he’s committed to ensuring Nissan carries out its legacy through Torque Drift 2.

Nissan commented that it is eager to be a part of the Torque Drift Franchise and is confident that Torque Drift 2’s interactive racing will build upon the legacy of its predecessor, Torque Drift 1

On the Flipside

  • Despite Torque Drift 2 announcing the release of some game features in Q3 2022 and a full release in 2024, no substantial game details have been disclosed since Q2 2022.
  • With recent delays, there’s no clear indication of when the game will be released. This is despite Grease Monkey Games’ claims of releasing in 2024.

Why You Should Care

Nissan collaborating with Animoca Brands and Grease Monkey Games is a landmark event for the Web 3.0 space. Major global brands migrating to Web 3.0 is a significant milestone in preparing for eventual mass adoption. Additionally, Nissan’s inclusion in Torque Drift 2 as an official licensee will authenticate the collectibles and ecosystem of the game. 


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