NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Appoints First Chief Gaming Officer

NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Appoints First Chief Gaming Officer

  • Popular cross-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden has onboarded its first chief gaming officer, Chris Akhavan. 
  • Akhavan is an industry leader in the Web3 gaming space, previously leading blockchain gaming company Forte as its chief business officer. 

Magic Eden’s new hire is part of its initiative to drive growth by attracting communities and gaming partnerships and supporting the development of both players and games on the platform. 

Recently, the NFT marketplace expanded its operations to the Polygon network to catalyze the development of exciting new games and global brands in Web3. Akhavan will spearhead Magic Eden’s initiative to welcome new gamers and games into its ecosystem. 

Keeping the Tempo Up

The NFT marketplace plans to keep the tempo up, spearheading new Web3 gaming strategies, onboarding executives, expanding its team and innovating in the space. Despite the market’s fear and uncertainty, blockchain games are performing impressively well

Last month, Magic Eden’s expansion to Polygon enabled it to work closely with strategic IP owners, world-class developers, and upcoming artists. In pursuing a multi-chain future, Magic Eden has established itself in the space, launching successful projects and raising a fair amount of funds for its endeavors. 

Magic Eden inaugurated its Polygon entry with a new launchpad and marketplace, both of which will go live this month, as per the official announcement. It’s no surprise that Magic Eden is striving to expand its operations and attract interest from multi-chain communities with utility, new developments, and more. 

The new executive is eager to welcome gaming communities to the platform with new games, rewards, and a vibrant community. Akhavan has planned to build products and connect game studios with gamers to significantly expand their reach, revenue, and access in the Web3 markets. 

Akhavan has served in numerous roles in Web2 and Web3 gaming industries. He previously led the mobile gaming company Glu Mobile as its chief revenue officer. Akhavan turned the struggling company into an industry leader with a $240 million market cap. Electronic Arts later acquired Glu Mobile for $2.4 billion. Following the acquisition, Akhavan served as the VP of EA Mobile. 

Current market sentiment in the blockchain gaming space explains why Akhavan is optimistic about connecting traditional gaming with Web3. He plans to introduce asset ownership into existing game economies. Akhavan’s experience in Web3 and Web2 gaming will play a significant role for Magic Eden as it plans to onboard game developers and gamers into its ecosystem. 

On the Flipside

  • Magic Eden has a history of being involved in controversies and exploitations. The NFT marketplace has fallen victim to numerous exploits, hacks, and rug pulls this year. Recently, its users fell victim to the Degen Town Hack

Why You Should Care

Magic Eden is committed to building a hub for games, gamers, creators, and collectors to connect in Web3. The NFT marketplace has dedicated all of its resources to building an interoperable and open platform with a constantly expanding ecosystem of content and games. Chris Akhavan, thanks to his experiences, may be the piece of the puzzle that the NFT marketplace is trying to solve. Akhavan is undoubtedly an experienced leader and will help Magic Eden by creating more opportunities to onboard developers and gamers to its platform.


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