New York Yankees to Pay Workers in Bitcoin (BTC) in Partnership with NYDIG

New York Yankees to Pay Workers in Bitcoin (BTC) in Partnership with NYDIG

  • NYDIG has partnered with the New York Yankees to power partial BTC wages.
  • 36% of young adults are keen on saving portions of their salary in BTC.
  • The Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) is free for anyone eligible.

NYDIG has teamed up with the most established baseball club in the world, the New York Yankees, to enable Bitcoin (BTC) payouts. Staff of the New York Yankees will now have the option to be paid partially in BTC, thanks to the Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) introduced by NYDIG.

Making Bitcoin (BTC) Accessible to Everyone

The main aim of the project is to bring Bitcoin (BTC) to those interested in the future of money. To achieve this, NYDIG conducted research which showed that one in three professionals were likely to choose a company that offered partial Bitcoin (BTC) salary options, if all other conditions were identical.

The Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) provides employees with a range of advantages, as they won’t have to pay transaction fees or any crypto-related taxes. The BSP is a long-term solution that allows users to store their Bitcoin (BTC) savings free of charge.

“Bitcoin for All!”

The BSP has proven to be a big hit among people under the age of 30, with 36% of interviewees expressing interest in receiving partial recurring payouts in BTC. When speaking about the newly signed partnership, Kelly Brewster, the Chief Marketing Officer at NYDIG, said: “We’re proud to partner with our hometown team and an iconic sports franchise, the Yankees, to further our mission of bringing Bitcoin to all.”

Ultimately, NYDIG is looking to broaden the horizons of BTC by offering its advanced system to both small companies and large corporations alike. Reportedly, some of the project’s biggest clients are even featured on the ‘Fortune 500‘ list.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Price Rises Above the Crucial $20,000 Line

The bumpy road in the crypto race this week has left many of the top 100 currencies in the red. The leading crypto asset, Bitcoin (BTC), is no exception, recording a a 3.7% deficit over the course of the last 7 days. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) trades at $20,864.66, having gained in value by 5.7% in the last 24 hours.

As Bitcoin’s (BTC) mainstream utility expands, with Hyosung America adding crypto functionality to over 175,000 cash machines in the United States, the quick rebound from under $19,000 makes perfect sense. Moreover, the crypto crash has bred a great many “wholecoiners”, and recent data shows that there are now more wallets holding at least 1 BTC than ever before.

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