Netflix Show ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Invites Fans to NFT Scavenger Hunt

Netflix Show ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Invites Fans to NFT Scavenger Hunt

The Netflix hit show ‘Love, Death + Robots’ comes back to the most popular video streaming platform with Season 3 and an NFT scavenger hunt for the fans. The scavenger hunt will consist of 9 pieces of art & 9 codes. The NFTs include collectibles, digital artwork, and exclusive episodes of the animated sci-fi show.

Collaboration with Feature Web3 Studio

Firstly, the digital artwork featured in the NFT scavenger hunt will be distributed in the form of QR codes. Supposedly, it won’t be easy to find these pieces of digital art, as they will be scattered in the real world as well as digitally. What’s more, the freshly minted NFTs are part of the show’s recent partnership with Feature, a Web3 studio.

The NFTs will soon be available on OpenSea and the floor price is currently at 0.003 ETH, which is about $5.50. According to the show’s official website, the hunters will be able to use any discovered QR codes for NFT minting or be able to just right-click and save it the old-school way. “The choice is yours, human,” says the landing page.

Netflix Is Digging Deeper into the Crypto World

The video streaming giant Netflix has been getting into crypto. This February, Netflix announced they gave the green light for a show covering the biggest ever crypto scam. The notorious case of Bitfinex in 2016 involves the Bonnie & Clyde of cryptocurrencies who managed to steal over 120,000 BTC from the cryptocurrency exchange in just one year.

Furthermore, just a month ago Netflix released the show “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King,” portraying the story of Gerald Cotten and his mysterious death. Cotten was the CEO of the infamous QuadregaCX crypto exchange platform. To sum up, show and documentary selection on crypto-related topics is increasing rapidly and it’s likely that perks like exclusive NFTs for Netflix’s audience will come along with it.

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