My Pet Hooligan’s Alpha v1.1: ‘The Rabbit Hole’ Is Live

My Pet Hooligan’s Alpha v1.1: ‘The Rabbit Hole’ Is Live

The much-awaited alpha season of My Pet Hooligan has finally arrived. The P2E game announced on August 15th that it would be rolling out “The Rabbit Hole” on August 19th. The new Alpha version will have fewer bugs. 

AMGI Studios, the developer of My Pet Hooligans, also shared gameplay footage via social handles. 

Here’s what the GTA ft. Animal Crossing would look like: 

What Does My Pet Hooligan’s First Alpha Promise?

The Alpha v1.1, a.k.a. The Rabbit Hole, has just gone live. Along with tweaked performance and fewer bugs, the devs have added new features. 

Here’s what The Rabbit Hole promises:

  • New external maps
  • Build-outs on the interior
  • Destructible items in the environment
  • More community art
  • New functionality for the Hall Pass

Players who hold a Hall Pass or Genesis NFTs can get access to the Alpha v1.1 and experience the gameplay firsthand. 

The My Pet Hooligan team also stated that the work for version 2.0 is already underway. The enhanced version will grant players better control of the characters and combat. There will be new features like voice chat, new modes, a multiplayer mode, player profiles, and much more.

What Is My Pet Hooligan?

My Pet Hooligan’s Alpha v1.1 ‘The Rabbit Hole’ is Live

Developed by AMGI Studios, My Pet Hooligan is an interactive NFT experience based on the Ethereum blockchain. Imagine cute animals but in GTA. 

Even though AMGI Studios is a relatively small company, it has some well-known names backing it. For instance, Colin Brady, the Chief Creative Officer and Chief Technology Officer has projects like Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Toy Story, Spider Man, and more.

Along with wreaking havoc in the metaverse, there’s much more to do. Players can own one of the 8,888 NFTs out of the genesis collection and enter the metaverse. The NFT serves as an in-game 3D avatar and has more utilities. 

The whole goal of the game is to defend the Web3 from “Metazuckbot,” the corporate overlord. 

On the Flipside

  • GTA-like open-world games are not new to the blockchain and the game is likely to face competition from other similar titles. 

Why You Should Care

My Pet Hooligan has been awaited for a while now, and this Alpha version checks off a milestone on the roadmap. 

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