My Neighbor Alice Is Conducting a Survey for the First Alpha Season

My Neighbor Alice Is Conducting a Survey for the First Alpha Season

Following the successful release of My Neighbor Alice’s first Alpha season, the devs team has rolled out a survey. The questionnaire features questions related to likes, dislikes, and suggestions for enhancements. 

The recent blog post titled “Tales from the Dev Team” talked about the reactions to the “Season of the Timber Coast,” the limited gameplay, the Bjorn hat, and more. 

Season of the Timber Coast: What the Devs Have to Say

my neighbor alice dev tales

As the first season is in full swing, the developers of My Neighbor Alice are conducting a survey for feedback. The post features questions on what you liked and disliked about the game so far. The link to the survey can be found in the blog.

Apart from the survey, the devs team had a lot to share. Here are the highlights:

  • The post elaborates on the season 1 gameplay – you can collect fish stickers and win a Bjorn hat after completing the main quest.
  • Right after you successfully finish the quest, the Bjorn hat NFT will be transferred to the wallet.
  • The blog also mentions that non-land owners might be able to participate in a future season.

Further, the blog features a few in-game pictures taken by the players. 

What Was My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 1 About?

The first Alpha season was released in July and was playable only for the land owners. Upon the release of the game’s marketplace, the Season of the Timber Coast was extended until August 31, 2022

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Players could complete one quest, which includes fishing
  • Visit the newly built town 
  • Meet Alice

Apart from this, My Neighbor Alice has also got its own marketplace. Recently, a land sale was announced. 

On the Flipside

  • The blog post says, “We made a conscious decision to limit the amount of features in the first season, and to polish the heck out of those features and make sure that it is stable under all conditions,” which might mean that it might be a while before players get to see any new features.

Why You Should Care

  • It is clear from the blog post that the developers are receptive to community feedback. 
  • The devs also want to make sure that the game is polished before being fully released. Throughout the entire process, the developers want the community to be looped in on the developments.

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