My Neighbor Alice Announces Land Sale

My Neighbor Alice Announces Land Sale

After launching its marketplace on July 26th, My Neighbor Alice has officially announced the opening of its land sale. The newly released marketplace features a primary market through which players can buy newly minted Land in the archipelago.

In the marketplace announcement, it was teased that the land sale would be starting soon, and the My Neighbor Alice team certainly delivered on that promise, dropping the news via Twitter, and in an official blog post.

The My Neighbor Alice Land Sale: Everything You Need to Know

Initially, 1,000 plots of land will be made available in the upcoming sale. The  plots in question will relate to territory in the ‘Tourney Wolds’ region on ‘Medieval Plains’ island.

Sale Format:

  • 975 plots will be sold, across 5 separate waves.
  • The remaining 25 plots will be given away for free to players who participate in the auction via lottery.

Another notable aspect of the sale is that players who bid but fail to win a plot will still be entered into a lottery for the chance to win exciting prizes. 

Here’s what the land auction schedule looks like:

Wave Date Lands on Auction Lands Reserved for the Lottery Reserve Price for Auctions
1st wave Monday, 1st August 195 5 50 ALICE
2nd wave Friday, 5th August 195 5 100 ALICE
3rd wave Monday, 8th August 195 5 100 ALICE
4th wave Friday, 12th August 195 5 100 ALICE
5th wave Monday, 15th August 195 5 100 ALICE

How to Participate in the Auction

My Neighbor Alice land sale auction

In order to participate, players must ensure that they have enough ALICE tokens available in their wallet. All transaction gas fees will be paid in BNB, as such users’ MetaMask wallet must be connected to the marketplace with Binance Smart Chain. 

  • Head over to the primary marketplace and view the new Land.
  • Players can place bids on whichever plots they like.
  • Each auction will last for 24 hours, and the timer will commence once the first bid has been placed.
  • If another qualifying bid is placed when the remaining time on an item is under 30 minutes, the auction will be extended by a further 30 minutes. 

The land sale is set to go live on August 1st and will last for 15 days. Moreover, the devs have decided to extend the first Alpha season to August 31st, 2022. 

Meanwhile, the lottery will take place once the land sale has ended. Each participant will be eligible to win only one free plot. The more bids a player places, the higher their chance they have to win a free plot. 

For more details, you can view the official blog post.

What Is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a massively multiplayer online game that resembles Animal Crossing. The game is all about developing a plot (or plots) of land, interacting with neighbors, completing daily tasks, and much more. 

On the Flipside

  • The recent slump in the NFT market and overall skepticism towards P2E games could have an adverse effect on My Neighbor Alice

Why You Should Care

  • The team behind My Neighbor Alice has been taking leaps towards developing their game’s ecosystem. In the last few days, the game launched Alpha season 1, its marketplace, has now announced the inaugural land sale. 
  • My Neighbor Alice has an active community, and the response to the land sale will undoubtedly help to determine just how committed the community is. 
  • For new players looking to jump into the game, My Neighbor Alice has extended its Alpha season to last until August 31st, further incentivizing the land sale.

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