MOBLAND Adds NFT 3.0 “Digital WEED Farms”

MOBLAND Adds NFT 3.0 “Digital WEED Farms”

MOBLAND, the Mafia Metaverse, has just unveiled revenue-generating business licenses, which they have dubbed as ‘NFT 3.0’. And the first instance of the NFT 3.0 is the Digital WEED Farms. 

Players can use the farms to cultivate in-game commodities and earn rewards, so with WEED, players grow in-game Weed. The WEED farms, grown on MOBLAND Turf, would be dynamic and upgradeable. 

digital weed farms mobland

What’s Digital WEED in MOBLAND?

Very much like the name suggests, players can cultivate Weed or generate it in multiple ways. However, the two primary methods are:

  • Develop and maintain the Farms and collect the in-game Weed
  • Rent out the Farms to other players and get a share of the total Weed produced

The in-game Weed has multiple uses – upgrade farms, tweak characters, repair farms, heal characters, and much more. 

How do the Farms and Weed Work?

Players would be planting Weed on the Farms, however, the Farm’s attributes will affect the production, consumption, earning potential, and more. 

Mainly, the Farms have four attributes: Primary, Statistic, Appearance, and Consumption.

Primary Includes type, rarity, and level of the Farm
Statistic Depends on Farm’s production, storage, and consumption
Appearance How the Farm looks
Consumption The amount of Weed needed to repair or upgrade the Farm

Out of these four, Primary and Statistics have more to do with numbers, i.e. production and yield. Here’s a brief on the two attributes:

1. Primary Attributes

  • Rarity: A Farm’s rarity is not upgradeable. A rarer Farm will have bigger size and more greenhouses. The rarities are – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Type: Depends on what commodity will be cultivated on the Farm. For now, all the Farms are Digital Weed Farm.
  • Level: A higher-level Farm will have better qualities and features. A Farm can be upgraded to Level 10.

2. Statistics Attributes

“The statistics will play a critical role in establishing your empire in MOBLAND, as they include: Number of Greenhouses, Grow Duration, SEED Consumption, WEED Production, Storage, Claimable Level, Defender Attribute Bonus, HP, Status,” reads the official post.

Here’s a rundown of each attribute:

Attribute Brief
No. of Greenhouses Defines the number of greenhouses that can fit into a Farm
Grow Duration The time taken for the in-game Weed to grow
SEED Consumption Amount of SEED needed to grow Weed
Weed Production The number of Weed that can be produced per greenhouse
Max Storage Max Weed that can be stored in the Farm
Claimable Level The storage level at which you can claim your Weed
Defender Attribute Bonus Boosts Attack and Defense attributes of the characters on the Farm
HP Denotes the amount of damage the Farm can withstand
Status Can be ‘Active’ or ‘Wrecked’

Several of the above attributes are dependent on Rarity and the Level of the Farm. 

On the Flipside

  • The whole NFT 3.0 and Digital Farms concept will work if it has a sustainable economy and the product finds use cases.

Why You Should Care

MOBLAND is the first-of-its-kind Mafia Metaverse, and the new NFT 3.0 concept is an important milestone. It would be interesting to see how the players would react to it.

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