Mines Of Dalarnia Shares Devs Letter For August 2022

Mines Of Dalarnia Shares Devs Letter For August 2022

The developer team at Mines of Dalarnia has recently unveiled a significant content update for August and September. Titled ‘Mines of Dalarnia 1.1: Deeper Depths’, the major update will focus on new features, in-game content, and more. 

“For August and September we’re working to launch MoD’s first major content update, Mines of Dalarnia 1.1 : Deeper Depths, including new tiers of resources, new depths, and new dangers!” the official announcement stated.

The Mines of Dalarnia (sometimes referred to as ‘MoD’) developers are hoping to release Deeper Depths in the early Q4. However, the team did not specify any dates. 

What’s in the August 2022 Developers Letter?

The developer’s letter for August 2022 was published on the official Medium blog of MoD. The letter explains the main updates players can expect. 

Here’s a rundown of Deeper Depths:

  • With the new update, owners will be able to add permanent depths to their lands. The consumables for this can be bought or crafted. The new depths will have more monsters to slay and more resources to mine.
  • Miners, on the other hand, will have new foes to face and new resources to hunt. To face the monsters, they get to use new weapons. The Miners could also increase their Miner Rank and Power Level beyond the current limit.
  • Mines of Dalarmia 1.1 will comprise upgrade options for existing Blades, +5 Silver and Ozy equipment, Elite Copper, and Elite Iron armors to greater power levels. This will be done to ensure that the new upgrades don’t make the older ones irrelevant.

What Were the July 2022 Upgrades?

In July, Mines of Dalarnia added a bunch of features to improve user experience and gameplay.

Here are some highlights:

  • To curb botnets and ensure fairness of the game, the MoD devs added in-game captchas and tweaked server-side validation. 
  • To improve balance and sustainability, the game’s economy was redesigned a little. The resource rewards and plot terraforming costs were changed.

Apart from the Deeper Depths update, the dev team has a lot going on. 

“MoD is coming to Mac OS. Multiplayer and competitive features, including competitive / leaderboard style activities and shared space multiplayer, are under active development,” the announcement mentioned.

Further, Mines of Dalarnia is gearing up for its second event scheduled for Halloween. 

“In October our second temporary event will launch for Halloween, including our first ever community design contest,” the developers said in the letter.

What is Mines of Dalarnia?

A P2E 2D action-adventure game, Mines of Dalarnia runs on the Chromia blockchain. Players control a character across different levels in search of rare artifacts and relics. They may use it to improve their equipment and learn more about Dalarnia’s mysteries. 

The game offers a novel interpretation of the 2D sandbox genre on the blockchain by fusing dungeon crawling, exploration, crafting, and fighting. 

The game’s assets are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are transferred and traded in the open markets, while all in-game transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

On the Flipside

  • Gamers who have tried the mining game have said that the game’s economy can be confusing, and can result in some expensive decisions. 

Why You Should Care

Mines of Dalarnia is an up-and-coming P2E project with a unique theme. The 2D visuals with a vibrant twist are quite appealing. So far, the game has made steady progress with its development. The Deeper Depths update might tweak the game’s economy. 

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