Microsoft Backs StarHeroes, a Space-Themed Blockchain Shooter

Microsoft Backs StarHeroes, a Space-Themed Blockchain Shooter

In a recent move, Microsoft has decided to back StarHeroes, a blockchain game. This grant from Microsoft gives the StarHeroes devs access to the Azure PlayFab. 

Considering the skepticism towards blockchain games, Microsoft’s grant comes as a landmark event. 

StarHeroes took to Twitter to announce the news. “Being in line with such successful game producers like @Ubisoft or Microsoft Studios is a huge step in our development and makes us feel even more excited for what’s coming for @starheroes_game,” the tweet reads.

What Does the Microsoft Grant Mean for the Game?

Even though P2E games have been on the rise for a while, big names in the video games industry have shied away from them. So Microsoft’s support is a huge step towards accepting and backing blockchain games.

Here’s what it means for the StarHeroes and P2E sector:

  • Microsoft’s backing will give StarHeroes access to Azure PlayFab. Notable games like Forza Horizon and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege also use the platform.
  • StarHeroes is the first game that will be developed on the Azure PlayFab platform.
  • With Microsoft’s support, P2E games will get a considerable footing in mainstream games. 
  • Further, StarHeroes has plans to develop an esports scene for the game.

This move by Microsoft might encourage other industry giants to support blockchain games and make them mainstream. Hopefully, more game developers will receive similar grants. 

What Is StarHeroes?

microsoft backs starheores blockchain games

StarHeroes is a space-themed third-person shooter based on blockchain. Players can build their space fleet and fight in galactic battles. The game has PvP battles, so players have to craft a fleet that has offensive and defensive units. 

Apart from the PvP battles, StarHeroes has adventure and ranking mode. Players can opt to explore the open world. With a P2E model, players can profit from the game as they play. The NFTs add a collectible angle to the shooter. 

Interestingly, StarHeroes has a team that consists of people from CD Projekt Red. The game has been in development for a good two years. As per their latest tweet, the gameplay will be revealed soon. 

On the Flipside

  • As pointed out by Newzoo’s analysts in a recent survey, use of terms like “NFTs,” “blockchain,” and “crypto” by AAA publishers scares gamers away. It will be interesting to see how gamers react to his deal.

Why You Should Care

Finally, Microsoft has given a grant to a promising blockchain game. This might signal a growing interest and investment in P2E games.

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