Method Man Drops Wu Tiger Clan NFT Collection on Coinbase

Method Man Drops Wu Tiger Clan NFT Collection on Coinbase

The Brooklyn Zoo, once sung about by Ol’ Dirty Bastard, one of the founding members of legendary Hip Hop collective Wu Tang Clan, these days might be full of tigers. Method Man, another well-known member of the crew, announced the Wu Tiger Clan NFT collection on Coinbase NFT.

Enter The Wu-Tiger 36 Chambers in Web3

Even though Coinbase’s NFT marketplace is still in beta mode, the top American crypto platform has already seen a lot of NFT action. As Method Man himself encourages the fans and NFT enthusiasts to show him your tiger, it’s fair to say that the Shaolin Tigers NFT represent more than just digital art. Apparently, the ownership of a Wu Tiger Clan NFT also equals membership in an exclusive club. The perks included in the membership are as follows:

  • Access to exclusive gigs, such as WTC Art Basel Miami Concert
  • Apparel drops from well-established brands
  • NFT airdrops & physical item drops
  • Commercial rights to use the NFT tiger

The membership in the exclusive club can bring a lot of other benefits, as it’s a long-term community dedicated to Eastern philosophy that inspired Wu Tang’s style. The Wu Tiger Clan surrounds different areas like technology, entertainment, gaming and education. As the Coinbase NFT page reads, the Shaolin Tiger NFTs will make sure you “stay fresh with the Wu-Tiger Clan while reaping the benefits of being part of a forward thinking, web3 based, solutions-oriented family”.

Only 10,000 Tigers Available to Mint

At the time of publication, the price to mint a Wu Tiger NFT is 0.05 ETH, which converts to $82. The limited edition NFT collection is set to mint 10,000 NFTs. At the moment, there’s only 3361 available NFTs left. On top of that, there’s going to be a Village built in the metaverse where citizens will “learn to take control”, as long as they trust the Tiger Map. Ultimately, The Wu Tiger Clan aims to “Create a village for the web3 world that is built and owned by its citizens and will be here forever. If you know you know.”

On the Flipside

Why You Should Care

Music and NFTs are becoming a trend in 2022, as the British Rock band Muse just topped the United Kingdom charts with an NFT album. The NFT collections enable the fans to become a part of the process, which can revolutionize the music industry forever.

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