Metalands Development Update: Everything New Coming to the Game

Metalands Development Update: Everything New Coming to the Game

The developers of Metalands have been working to expand on its player vs environment (PvE) system, with the addition of weapon skins and a customization tab in the bunker menu, a rework of colliders, a night version of the ‘Warehouse’ map, and a range of bug fixes. The Metalands Development Update, posted on its blog on October 17th, 2022, also lists NFT integration and additional developments to the dApp in its upcoming plans.

Metalands: Recent Developments to Demo v0.0.8

Metalands is a first person shooter (FPS) GameFi project built using blockchain technology. Users can battle against NPCs, other players, or trade weapons and skins in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The developers have placed particular focus on the player vs environment (PvE) aspect of the game, which means that the game may soon offer a campaign mode in addition to its player vs player, arena based combat.

The game features virtual guns in the form of NFTs through a partnership with Digital Arms, which hosts a digital firearms trading platform that facilitates the trade of interoperable NFT assets.

metalands screenshot

An image of an in-game gun in the Metalands GameFi project. Source: Citizen Finance Medium page

Other highlights of the update include the integration of a weapon skin and customization tab in the bunker menu, a rework for colliders, and post-processing and graphical fixes across all maps, resulting in improved framerate and performance on low-end computers.

The team also introduced a night version of its ‘Warehouse’ map, and developed a Bunker loadout system, where players can view their NFTs, once they have been integrated into the project. The feature was added to the original Bunker, as showcased on Averse Studio’s official YouTube channel. Numerous bugs have also been fixed, particularly in terms of aiming, and the range of enemy AIs.

Additional updates include the introduction of a leaderboard system, first steps towards NFT integration, an improved heads-up display, and the addition of several new weapons to the game.

The team also showcased a progress report regarding the project’s dApp, which was migrated from a React.js library to a Next.js framework, leading to server-side rendering and faster runtimes.

Metalands has also integrated OAuth 2.0 for improved security, as well as a multichain NFT marketplace, and an online, Web 3.0 3D editor for skins.

On the Flipside

  • The game is still in early development, and while progress has been relatively quick, the game clearly still has a long road ahead of it.
  • Many competing projects are pursuing a similar first person shooter (FPS) structure, which may put additional pressure on both developers and players when it comes to choosing which game to play.

Why You Should Care

Competition is healthy, and developers posting consistent updates is great as a means of both keeping existing players satisfied, and for attracting new players.

The other benefit is that other projects in the GameFi space will have to make similar developments in order to keep up, which will translate into higher-quality games for P2E enthusiasts in the long run.


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