Marilyn Monroe Estate Launches Modern Muse NFT Collection

Marilyn Monroe Estate Launches Modern Muse NFT Collection

  • New generative art collection from Zeblocks celebrates the life of Marilyn Monroe.
  • The NFT mint will launch on 23rd February 2023 7PM and cost 0.33 Ethereum.
  • Modern Muse Pass NFT mint will be followed by an on-chain generative art drop.

Popular digital artist duo Zeblocks joined forces with Marilyn Monroe’s estate to launch an NFT collection with 3333 NFTs to celebrate the legendary actress’s life and career. The Modern Muse NFT collection is set to go live publicly today at 9:00 PM GMT+2, while the community of Zeblocks will be able to get a Modern Muse Mint Pass two hours before the public stage. The minting price is 0.33 Ethereum (ETH) and is limited to two NFTs per wallet by default.

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Timeless Icon to Live in Web3 Space

The famed actress, model and social activist Merilyn Monroe will live on-chain thanks to Zeblocks, the digital artist duo with two smash-hit NFT collections already out. While the NFT floor price of 0.33 Ethereum (ETH) seems high to some NFT enthusiasts on Crypto Twitter, it’s nothing compared to the NFT floor price of previous Zeblocks collections.

To illustrate, the generative NFT art collection of Unigrids hovers around the margin of 10 Ethereum (ETH), while the iconic meme Sgt. Pepe has an NFT price floor of above six Ethereum (ETH). Generative art projects enable the user to participate in the creative process through an algorithm designed to mint unique art NFTs according to the customer’s preferences.

What to Expect From Modern Muse

Firstly, the classic image of legendary actress Marilyn Monroe smiling will be used as the basis for all 3333 NFTs in the Modern Muse collection. The avant-garde style of generative art by Zeblocks is meant to add a hint of contemporary art to Marilyn’s timeless beauty, exceptional talent, and ever-lasting legacy.

Honored by Marilyn Monroe Estate, the digital artists behind Zeblocks “are honored to play a role in preserving and sharing her story with the modern world.” Finally, the pioneers of generative art in Web3 shared a few sneak peeks and wished the NFT fans “an enticing experience.” Still, no further details about the user interface were revealed.

On The Flipside:

  • The 0.33 ETH mint price for Modern Muse NFT Pass caused immense community backlash on Twitter.
  • On top of that, the project was initially meant to have a free mint for the selected members in the allowlist.

Why you should care:

Collaborations like this can significantly increase NFT utility, as Modern Muse’s NFT art collection targets Marilyn Monroe fans, digital art collectors, and crypto aficionados.

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