Major South Korean C-Store CU Launches on Social Drinking Metaverse

Major South Korean C-Store CU Launches on Social Drinking Metaverse

South Korea’s largest convenience store chain, CU, is getting involved in the digital world by introducing its alcohol brands on the Korean JJAANN metaverse. The platform claims to be the world’s first social drinking metaverse. 

Social Drinking Metaverse

JJAANN claims to be a metaverse dedicated to everything related to alcohol. On the metaverse, users can find virtual lounges to have a drink and enjoy metaverse-like entertainment, such as games and karaoke, with other metaverse users.

The CU convenience store will provide banners of its signature alcoholic drinks and snacks for JJAANN users to hang out in virtual lounges. The convenience store also plans to start food delivery services with a membership app, Pocket CU. The users of JJAANN metaverse will be able to order food and snacks using CU banners in the digital space.

Yesterday, CU announced on their Facebook account that they are organizing a giveaway on their space on the metaverse. To win merchandise, users need to upload a screenshot from CU Brand Hall in the metaverse to their Instagram account.

CU is the largest convenience store chain in South Korea, with over 7939 stores in the country, owned by BGF Retail. It was shaped after FamilyMart’s establishment permit in South Korea was terminated.

Adopting Crypto

The c-Store chain is pro-crypto, as the store announced in 2019 it would adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The chain focused on working with companies that have local partnerships and connections.

At the time, the store planned to use the Chai payment system based on Terra blockchain and Terra stablecoin. The Chai app allows buyers to pay by presenting a barcode from the Chai mobile app. In 2020, the store allowed customers to pay with the Paycoin cryptocurrency using PayProtocol Wallet.

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