KPMG Outlines Crypto Industry Forecast For The 2nd Half of 2022

KPMG Outlines Crypto Industry Forecast For The 2nd Half of 2022

  • In the view of recognized international auditing firm KPMG, many cryptocurrency projects will die off, while more nations will choose to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal tender.
  • It states that, apart from China, which has banned cryptocurrency trading, and India which is considering a similar line, many nations will elect to regulate the industry in order to strengthen it and protect users.
  • KPMG sees growing interest in cryptocurrencies, and believes that fintech investors will now be more demanding with their money.

International accounting and consultation firm KPMG has published a report in which it outlined expectations that large swathes of cryptocurrency projects will fail to stay afloat, while also predicting that additional countries will install Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal tender, following the example of El Salvador, and, more recently, the Central African Republic

In its report, titled ‘Pulse of Fintech, KPMG makes a series of forecasts about upcoming developments in the crypto industry for the remainder of the current year. It points out that, during the first half of the year, the crypto space faced a series of challenges, which a great many cryptocurrency firms and projects were unable to overcome. 

However, the firm did state that, despite adverse factors facing the industry this year, such as the war in Ukraine, the increase in inflation and interest rates by the Federal Reserve, as well as the collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem and the resulting bankruptcy of several lenders, “crypto-focused companies attracted $14.2 billion during H1’22.”

Regulations But Not Prohibitions

The firm believes that regulators globally will continue to work towards the regulation of digital assets in order to protect users. Rather than ban them entirely, as what happened in China and which Indian officials are currently contemplating, they will look to foster the evolution and “growth of competitive and attractive crypto markets.”

In its crypto industry forecast for the second half of the year, KPMG highlights the resilience of companies in the sector that are undergoing a severe test, “as some look to recapitalize at lower valuations.”

It asserts that only the best managed companies, with healthy risk and management policies, will survive the crypto winter. Other firms, such as those lacking long-term vision, will likely be unable to survive, and will go bankrupt.

“Growing Interest in Stablecoins”

Another aspect that the firm has observed is the onus crypto companies are placing on solutions related to compliance with regards to regulations and the traceability of transactions.

It predicts that there will be a “growing interest in stablecoins.” Especially by those companies looking to gain operational advantages in the industry, including costs, visibility, liquidity, and ease of use.

It also predicts that innovative new partnerships will emerge between crypto companies and those of other sectors and more traditional industries in order to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.

On the Flipside

  • KPMG highlights that some cryptocurrencies have been cutting their valuations and working to raise additional funds “because it is their only option”.
  • The firm explains that such projects would likely opt to be recapitalized at a lower valuation, rather than not and risk succumbing.


Although “some cryptos will die out — particularly those that don’t have clear and strong value propositions”, said Alexandre Stachtchenko, director of blockchain and crypto assets at KPMG France.

Why You Should Care

  • KPMG affirms that investments in fintech during the second part of 2022 and the first half of 2023 will continue to be “a strong focus for investors”. However, it is likely that fintech investors will become more demanding and oriented toward their investment returns and cash flow.

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