Hytech Breaks Record in First Decentraland Event, Hosts Most Visitors in an Hour

Hytech Breaks Record in First Decentraland Event, Hosts Most Visitors in an Hour

  • Global management consultancy firm Hytech launched its new brand at its first metaverse event in Decentraland. 
  • Hytech’s global Dinner and Dance (D&D) event also recorded the most visitors in an hour in Decentraland. 

The Web3 experience was initially disguised as a Christmas party for maximum brand impact. The virtual event hosted exciting games, draws, and NFTs for employees in attendance. The global firm is transitioning towards Web3, and this event was the first step.

Taking Work to the Metaverse

Hytech is renowned for providing management consultancy services to fintech firms worldwide. Hytech invited teams from operations, cyber security, human resources, data analytics, app development support, and more to participate in the metaverse event. 

The virtual event was spearheaded by Sara Zhang, Head of Global HR at Hytech, and was purpose-built to increase brand impact. The metaverse space included videos, games, lucky draws, and exclusive wearable NFTs. 

Over 980 employees were present at the event, and over 3,910 units of NFTs were redeemed. The surge in users broke Decentraland’s record for the most visitors within an hour and was one of the most popular events of the day. 

Zhang revealed that the brand launch was crucial to build a strong sense of belonging for its employees within the organization. 

Zhang shared,

"Our operations were very isolated due to our teams being physically located in different offices around the world. It was essential to create a unified identity for them, so they know they are part of a bigger family with a common purpose and vision that goes beyond their four walls."

She added

"With our team members working in different markets and time zones, it was difficult to find a suitable time and place to meet. Furthermore, with Hytech's expertise, our people live and breathe technology and innovation daily. So the virtual gathering on the Metaverse was the right choice on so many levels. The launch is just the start; our success will come as we continue to build our operations with the refreshed brand."

On the Flipside

  • Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival recorded 3,000 users during the four-day event. It also had a daily peak of over 1,000 users accessing the metaverse. 
  • Decentraland has been under fire for projecting low UAW numbers. However, according to DCL Metrics, the metaverse’s native data aggregator, Decentraland welcomes 8,500 unique visitors daily.

Why You Should Care

Web3 and the metaverse will play a crucial role in the lives of billions of users. While the metaverse is already home to millions of games, leisure-seekers, concert-goers, and explorers, it’ll gain legitimacy once offices and workplaces go barrierless and operate in the metaverse. Hytech adopting Web3 and its transition to connecting its remote team through the metaverse is also a positive step for the medium. 


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