Gaming Blockchain Oasys Launches Ecosystem Fund to Drive Adoption

Gaming Blockchain Oasys Launches Ecosystem Fund to Drive Adoption

  • Gaming-optimized blockchain Oasys has announced the launch of an ecosystem fund to drive the mass adoption of Blockchain gaming. 
  • The initiative aims to enable newcomers in the blockchain gaming sphere to serve users’ needs better. 

The gaming ecosystem looks to incubate and invest in upcoming projects built on the Oasys network or supported blockchains. The Web3 gaming industry continues to experience rapid growth.

Building Web3 with Oasys

The Oasys Ecosystem Fund focuses on early-stage Web3 projects that are focused on laying the foundation for the ecosystem. Oasys hopes to invest in decentralized apps, games, infrastructure protocols, liquidity venues, and studios. 

Oasys is also keen on investing in various digital assets, including but not limited to equity, debt, and token instruments. The gaming-optimized blockchain has launched a grant program that will provide OAS tokens to projects that meet specific criteria. However, the network has clarified that the tokens will typically only be used for marketing purposes. 

Oasys’ fund aims to provide financial support and drive the operations and growth of deserving projects. The network has shared that the start-ups that will receive funding through the ecosystem will receive capital and gain exclusive perks. Start-ups will gain access to Oasys’ vast knowledge network and expertise. They will also break into Oasys’ partner network, including Galaxy Interactive, an internationally recognized gaming investor. 

Galaxy Interactive previously participated in Oasys’ strategic funding round alongside South Korean gaming giant Nexon, the company behind the popular gaming franchise MapleStory

Daiki Moriyama, Director at Oasys, shared in a press release:

“We’ve seen the staggering growth and resilience of the blockchain gaming industry over the past year, but we also recognize that recent developments in the adjacent crypto space have inevitably created uncertainty. With the launch of our Ecosystem Fund, we want to offer the best-emerging projects the opportunity to continue building and scaling. We remain steadfast in our vision to bring blockchain gaming to the masses.”

Following the launch of the ecosystem fund, Oasys has also revealed that it will explore setting up a second fund. 

On the Flipside

  • Oasys has yet to share additional context, such as allocation for the ecosystem fund. The gaming network has not mentioned how much the fund is worth in its initial press release.

Why You Should Care

Oasys is backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Bandai Namco Research, SEGA, Ubisoft, Wemade, and more. Oasys’ strong institutional backing can play a significant role in laying the foundation for Web3 gaming and shaping the next generation. 

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