Gala Games’ Shooter Game Superior is Live on Steam, Revokes Support for Web 3.0 Technology

Gala Games’ Shooter Game Superior is Live on Steam, Revokes Support for Web 3.0 Technology

Gala Games’ highly anticipated co-op shooter, Superior, is up for grabs as an ‘early access’ game on Steam, one of the world’s leading video game distribution services. Unlike previous playtests, players can now buy the game on the Steam store and gain immediate access to download and play. 

However, it’s important to note that the Steam edition will not be supporting NFTs or other blockchain technology in light of the video game distributor’s policy banning the use of NFTs or blockchain technology in games. 

Gala Games’ Steam launch aims to allure the platform’s 120 million active users and established community of gamers with a competitive co-op shooter. While Gala Games’ Steam edition may not support NFTs, players can still cross-play with other users.

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Two Different Experiences?

Gala Games’ flagship shooter will be available as an early access game on Steam starting November 16th. The studio has said the game will be completely playable, and no reset will occur before the full-scale, open launch. In a recent blog post, the studio later added that they would remove essential elements of the Web 3.0 game from the Steam version, such as support for NFTs and blockchain technology.

It’s therefore important to note that while no reset may occur before the public launch, Gala launcher, Gala Games’ native game launcher, will not sync with the Steam version. 

The game developer later added that the characters on each of these accounts would remain separate despite players being able to participate in cross-play co-op. However, in a previous blog post, the game studio hinted at the possible migration of players from Steam to the native launcher.

In other news, the blockchain gaming leader has also launched limited access to the game in tandem with the Steam launch. Starting November 16th, Gala Games will give access to a group of select players on the native game launcher as a gesture of appreciation. Accounts with either an Early Access Pass or Prime Character (Ronin Prime, Nomad Prime, or Murmur Prime) can apply to gain access to the game on the Gala launcher. 

Moreover, Superior recently dropped free Early Access Pass NFTs to Prime Character owners ahead of the early access game launch. The Early Access Pass NFT will allow players to play their Prime characters in the game, level up, and progress as usual. 

On the Flipside

  • Gala Games’ early access game is listed on the Steam Store for $8.49. Players can get 15% off until November 23rd. 
  • Despite enabling cross-play co-op, Gala Games offers players two different experiences with the Steam launch and its Early Game Access. 
  • An exact date has yet to be announced for when the official launch will take place as the game is still undergoing development. 
  • An Early Access Pass costs 884 GALA or $25, whereas the cheapest Prime character costs 9722 GALA or $275. Prime Characters can cost as high as 500,000 GALA or $14,000. 
  • We have to see how Gala Games convinces traditional gamers to migrate from the $8 Steam experience to the native launcher. Some of the best AAA campaign games cost under $60, whereas some of the best shooter games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and more, are free. 

Why You Should Care

Superior is one of the most professional AAA-caliber blockchain games yet. The game leverages critical elements of arcade strategy shooter games, which appeal to millions of users in the traditional gaming sphere. Launching Superior on Steam is a big step for Gala Games, considering the platform maintains 30 million players on average every day. However, Gala Games’ decision to put an early access version of the game behind a paywall may seem questionable, considering some of the best shooters are free. Moreover, the cost of Prime Character NFTs makes an unconvincing argument for traditional players to play the game. 

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