Gala Games’ Dev Studio Has Revealed How They Got Onto Steam Despite the Ban

Gala Games’ Dev Studio Has Revealed How They Got Onto Steam Despite the Ban

  • In October of 2021, Steam banned all blockchain games from its Steam platform and updated the policy documents to reflect the change.
  • Gala Games published a game on Steam despite this ban, a title known as Superior.

Superior, a game that Gala Games are developing, has been listed on Steam, and players can add it to their wishlist.

This announcement was posted on the Gala Games Blog on Medium, where they outlined how the game will be available to millions of monthly users of the platform.

Superior Got Listed on Steam

Superior, a Web 3.0 blockchain-based game developed by Gala Games, gave players insights into how they got their title listed on Steam.

Steam does not allow any Web 3.0 games and has banned them since October of 2021, when they updated the policy documents to reflect the change.

Superior eventually got listed on Steam because the team removed support for NFTs and other blockchain technology.

Steam players can co-op with players who have gained access to the game through other platforms, according to the blog post.

On top of that, Superior is a cross-play title, which means that it features cross-platform play. Players using different platforms can play with each other simultaneously.

Gamers on Steam will not be able to gain any direct ownership capabilities of any NFTs or in-game items unless they move their account to the Gala Games launcher at some point in the future.

On the Flipside

  • A Web 3.0 game was listed on Steam without any Web 3.0 capabilities, which means that it does adhere to the outlined rules but removes a fundamental element that might have made it appealing to players.
  • This move could potentially be seen as a way for Gala Games to begin onboarding players from Steam to their own Gala Games launcher and get a portion of their player base as a result.

Why You Should Care

Steam, on average, has over 30 million online players daily at its peak. Blockchain companies have huge potential to publish their games on Steam, as they can appeal to a larger player base.

Since these games must remove any Web 3.0 or blockchain-based elements, they erase a key aspect that might make these titles appealing in the first place to a lot of players.

Players might be incentivized to leave Steam and switch to the Gala Games launcher due to the incentives surrounding play-to-earn (P2E) and NFTs.

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