Gala Games and Upland Collaborate, Connecting Their Metaverses Via NFT Portal

Gala Games and Upland Collaborate, Connecting Their Metaverses Via NFT Portal

  • Upland, which is based on the EOS blockchain, is extending its metaverse to the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • The Upland-Gala collaboration is based on the platforms’ shared interest in creating an open metaverse by introducing interoperability of assets between the two platforms. 
  • VOX, a subsidiary of Gala Games, will be Upland’s first partner on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Both platforms will be interconnected, allowing their communities to share exclusive events, competitions, and collectibles.

On October 13, Upland, a digital property metaverse connected to real-world addresses, kickstarted its collaboration with Gala Games in the VOXverse. The collaboration is part of Upland’s ongoing campaign of building an open economy in the metaverse.

Building Portals Between the Metaverses

Upland is the largest city-building and property-trading metaverse platform, and it wants to expand its footprint in Web 3.0 by building and collaborating in the metaverse. The agreement between the platforms was founded on the platforms’ common goal of preserving digital ownership and co-building in each other’s metaverse. 

This year, Gala Games, along with VOX, have achieved major milestones. Last week, on October 6th, Gala Games commenced their collaboration with Universal Games by releasing the DreamWorks Animation Trolls VOX collection. Other major achievements include Gala Games releasing the first blockchain game on Epic Store, Epic Game’s online gaming store.  

Here are the main metaverse upgrades: 

  • VOXs, exclusive NFT collections native to the VOXverse, will be integrated into the Upland ecosystem using the Upland NFT portal. 
  • Upland will have a headquarters in VOXverse, VOX’s native metaverse. 
  • Additionally, VOX will launch in the Upland metaverse with a metaverse building, stores, and developer shops. 
  • The Upland metaverse will welcome the VOX community with exclusive engagements and competitions such as treasure hunts, car races, and city openings. 
  • The VOX community will have access to future collaborative activities, such as the joint construction of sports stadiums and more. 
  • Furthermore, Upland has integrated VOX’s game, VOX Odyssey, a text-based adventure game based in the VOX Discord, into the Upland Discord. 
  • VOX has also announced releasing Upland-specific storylines for their VOXs at launch. 

Leadership at Upland and Gala greatly admired each other’s platforms. James Olden, Chief Strategy Officer at Gala, shared his excitement to bridge both communities and metaverses and promote true interoperability moving forward. 

Idan Zuckerman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Upland added that he’s eager to partner with VOXverse because they share the same vision of a truly interoperable metaverse. Idan is looking forward to seeing both communities collaborate by co-creating and co-building on the two platforms. 

On the Flipside

  • The VOXverse is still a concept metaverse and is under development. There is no indication of when the VOXverse will be released. 

Why You Should Care

  • Gala Games and Upland are promoting a healthy metaverse space by encouraging interoperability and creating meaningful partnerships and collaborations with other metaverse platforms. 
  • This partnership is a key achievement for the VOXverse, as it will expose the VOX community and VOX holders to greater utility in the Upland metaverse while the VOXverse develops. 

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