Donald Trump’s NFT Collection Soars 132% Amid Expected Twitter Comeback

Donald Trump’s NFT Collection Soars 132% Amid Expected Twitter Comeback

  • Previously, Donald Trump’s NFT sweepstakes collection took a nosedive.
  • Today, Trump declared he’s coming back to Twitter and Facebook.
  • The former president’s NFT floor price soared triple digits amid the news.

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced today that he would return to Twitter and Facebook. Previously, the former president used these popular social media platforms to voice his controversial opinions until he received permanent bans. However, Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover set Mr. Trump’s comeback plans into full effect, as confirmed by CNBC News.

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Half of Trump’s NFTs Are Locked Away

The controversial president’s NFT collection has gone on a dramatic rollercoaster since its launch. Firstly, it was mocked on Saturday Night Live, which heavily contributed to spreading the word about it – for some, it’s a good laugh. But plenty of Trump appreciators nabbed the $99 Trump Card NFTs from the initial sale.

Interestingly, this evokes a situation where 55% of the total minted cards are locked in crypto wallets without any balance. In other words, more than half of the Trump Cards NFT supply is kept in crypto wallets without any balance. According to blockchain data on Polygon (MATIC), a whopping 20,696 NFTs are held in 9,108 no-balance crypto wallets. Ultimately, most of these Trump Cards are locked away for good, mainly owned by people with little to no knowledge of blockchain.

Both Trump NFT Collections Soar Simultaneously

Donald Trump’s ambitious plan to make Twitter great again has been followed by great enthusiasm from NFT aficionados. According to crypto data aggregator CoinGecko, the Trump Digital Trading Cards (TRUMP) NFT collection soared 88% right after the Twitter comeback news.

At press time, the NFT floor price for one of Donald Trump’s NFTs is 0.3736 Ethereum (ETH). Having soared by 132% in a single day, the awkward stock photo mash-up NFT collection from the controversial billionaire produced a massive 311.42 ETH in 24-hour trading volume.

Moreover, both the original TRUMP and Win Trump Prizes NFTs, the newly-launched sweepstakes version of the same collection, are trending OpenSea at the same time. The original Trump Cards NFT collection shot up by 5776.63% in the last 24 hours with 940 sales.

The collection catapulted by a whopping 4340.94%, surpassing other popular Polygon (MATIC) NFT collections like The Sandbox, The Smurfs’ Society, and Sunflower Land Collectibles, only falling behind Trump’s other NFT collection. 

In contrast to the stock photos seen in the first venture, the infamous Win Trump Prizes NFT Collection dishes out NFT tickets for a gala dinner with the man himself while also offering the opportunity to join Don remotely in a Zoom call.

On the Flipside

  • Donald Trump’s venture into NFTs was unexpected. The ex-president slammed blockchain technology and Bitcoin (BTC) two years ago, claiming that the top digital asset is an unnecessary competitor to the United States Dollar (USD).

Why You Should Care

NFT projects linked to public figures often reach a high level of retail adoption.

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