DefiLlama Launches Meta DEX Aggregator

DefiLlama Launches Meta DEX Aggregator

  • DefiLlama launches a meta DEX aggregator called LlamaSwap. It quotes the best price across multiple aggregators, including 1inch, CowSwap, and ParaSwap.
  • It also has an opt-in privacy feature to prevent DEX aggregators from matching the wallet address of a trader to their IP.
  • The product is live on their website, offering its service across 22 chains.

DefiLlama, the analytics platform, launches its meta DEX aggregator, which quotes the best price for a trade from eight different aggregators. The service is available across 22 chains and is live on their website.

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Features of LlamaSwap

As per the announcement, traders can choose the best price queried from multiple DEX aggregators. DefiLlama will charge no fees for this service, and users will get the same price as they would if they traded on a DEX aggregator’s website. Instead, DefiLlama will earn its revenue share from the aggregator platform the trades are routed through.

DefiLlama will also verify the gas prices and trade routes of various aggregators to make sure that the price quoted to traders is accurate. The platform also has an opt-in privacy mode which allows traders to prevent other aggregators from linking a wallet address to an IP.

The product has received positive sentiment from the community, with many users taking advantage of its benefits. It launched just over 24 hours ago and has already surpassed MetaMask and Coinbase in 24-hour volume.

On the Flipside

  • DefiLlama is primarily an analytics platform, so it will be interesting to see whether their first DeFi product will be able to gain any meaningful traction.

Why You Should Care

Crypto is an industry that encourages innovation. It is encouraging to watch established platforms like DefiLlama launching their own Defi product despite the bear market.

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