Decentraland Launches Worlds Beta, Bespoke 3D Spaces for NAME Holders

Decentraland Launches Worlds Beta, Bespoke 3D Spaces for NAME Holders

  • The Decentraland Foundation has announced the release of ‘Worlds.’ 
  • Worlds are personal four parcel-large spaces mapped to Decentraland NAMEs
  • The new beta feature will be available to everyone who owns a Decentraland NAME NFT. 

Decentraland aims to utilize the new Worlds feature to welcome citizens to build, experiment, and host events without owning LAND. Previously citizens were required to own LAND to host exclusive events. The Worlds feature will expectedly lower the barrier to becoming a Decentrand creator.

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Set up Your Space in the Metaverse

Users are required to own NAME NFTs to access the new feature. NAME NFTs exist parallel to Decentraland’s Genesis City and LAND infrastructure.

The NAME NFT within the DCL ecosystem can be assigned to a citizen’s avatar or LAND and usually costs 100 MANA or approximately $30 to create. Users can also purchase NAME NFTs in Decentraland’s marketplace from other owners.

Currently, an individual World can span up to four parcels in size, each parcel being 16×16 meters. Every World can host up to 100 concurrent users and be a maximum of 100 MB.

The Decentraland Foundation reiterated that the feature is still in beta, and many future changes can be expected, including increasing the size limitations in parcels and megabytes. The metaverse foundation hinted at allowing users to host their Worlds on their servers in future versions.

The metaverse confirms that citizens and creators will have the utmost creative freedom in designing their World. Users can define the layout of the parcels in their space and create a footprint that best suits their needs.

Additionally, creators can limit visitors into their World via Decentraland’s SDK for LAND parcels. Players can filter out visitors by setting restrictions and requirements, such as allowing visitors who own specific NFTs, visitors with passphrases, and more.

Entering Worlds

Users can enter Worlds that have scenes deployed in them via specific URLs or commands in Decentraland’s in-world chat box, and here’s how:

  • To enter a World using a URL, put into the browser’s search bar and press ‘Enter.’
  • To enter a World via Decentraland’s in-world chatbox, press ‘Enter’ to open the chat box, type the command /changerealm NAME.dcl.eth, and press ‘Enter’ again to execute the command.

The Worlds feature is operational and available for anyone who holds a NAME. Users must deploy a scene using the SDK command line tool to activate the World attached to their Decentraland NAME NFT. 

More details can be found on Decentraland’s official blog post.

On the Flipside

  • The World scene limit is larger than the maximum deployable scene size in Decentraland’s Genesis city, which is 60MB. 
  • On average, a LAND parcel in Decentraland costs $3,000, in contrast to a 100 MANA or $30 NAME NFT. 

Why You Should Care

Decentraland is the number one metaverse platform in Web3, and the metaverse is home to some of the most prolific events and advancements in Web3. The new feature will lower the barrier for creators to participate in the metaverse and showcase their creations to millions of users. 


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