Crypto World Reacts to Michael Saylor’s Resignation

Crypto World Reacts to Michael Saylor’s Resignation

The stepping down of MicroStrategy Inc. co-Founder and CEO Michael Saylor has stepped down from his position, drew a spectrum of reaction from the crypto community.

Crypto community mocks Saylor

CryptoWhale, an account sharing crypto insights, and followed by 533K Twitter users, was harsh to opinion on Saylor’s actions:

Entrepreneur and investor Jason A. Williams, the author of the book “Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With,” shared a satirical video:

Editor-in-Chief at Swan Bitcoin, a crypto trading app, Tomer Strolight wrote ironically:

WallStreetPro account, covering investment news, was not lacking humour:

Most likely, WallStreetPro comment comes as a response to Saylor’s esoterical tweets regarding Bitcoin:

Another crypto news account CryptoHub mocked Saylor in their tweet. The tweet was later deleted.

XRP the Standard Productions – the creator behind ‘Crypto Town Crier’, and followed by 82.6K followers, had another proposal for Saylor’s future career

A retail trader & investor, co-founder of ‘Trade Rade’ known on Twitter as “HorseloverFat,” ironically congatulated Saylor with his new achievement:

CIO at Novi Loren fund joked, that if she would pursue her true passion of buying Bitcoin, her family would hold an intervention.

Some of the comments referred to the intervention done to Saylor by his company:

More moderate views

Apart from mockery, there were more moderate responses. Some voices in crypto world sees Saylor’s resignation as an opportunity. Ben Armstrong, couch and investor, who has a massive army of 867.6K followers, sees Saylor’s resignation as “interesting turn of events,” and calls it a “fascinating time to be holding Bitcoin.”

Crypto news tweeted, that Saylor’s resignation might have a positive impact to the crypto industry.

On the Flipside

  • Resignation come after MicroStrategy reported losses of $1.062 billion in its second-quarter earnings.
  • Bitcoin has contributed to MicroStrategy’s stock price dropping by more than 48 percent so far in 2022,
  • Despite holding more than $1.98 billion in the troubled Bitcoin, Michael Saylor remains bullish about the investment.

More about Michael Saylor steeping down from CEO position:

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For more information about what Michael Saylor had to say about Bitcoin’s Plunge to $20K:

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