Crypto Investment Firm Blockwater Defaults on $3.4M Loan from TrueFi

Crypto Investment Firm Blockwater Defaults on $3.4M Loan from TrueFi

TrueFi, a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol, announced on Sunday that it has issued a notice of default to South Korea-based digital asset investment firm Blockwater Technologies.

TrueFi said in a blog post that Blockwater failed to make a scheduled payment on its $3.4 million BUSD loan. The firm has so far repaid $645,405, with $2,967,458 remaining due at the time of the default.

TrueFi said it had amended the loan to increase the borrowing rate and extend maturity, but ultimately decided “a court-supervised administrative proceeding would lead to a better outcome for stakeholders given the complexity around the sudden insolvency.”

TrueFi is a lending and borrowing protocol that offers uncollateralized loans. The protocol has originated over $1.7 billion in unsecured loans and is currently facilitating almost $140 million of active lending across ten loans.

The Bear That Keeps on Taking

Blockwater is one of the numerous victims of the bear market. Celsius, a once popular crypto lender managing billions, filed for bankruptcy this summer. The firm is now facing multiple lawsuits from its users and investors for reckless investment strategies and other shady practices.

Voyager Digital, another crypto lender, also went bust this year. Three Arrows Capital, a now-defunct crypto hedge fund, imploded following the Terra Luna implosion, another high-profile bust. Their founders are now on the run from law enforcement.

Despite that, TrueFi said that “borrower demand remains high and continues to outpace available capital” and that its loan book remains “healthy and active.”

On the Flipside

  • Blockwater hasn’t issued any official statements.

Why You Should Care

Uncollateralized crypto lending is becoming increasingly popular. However, high-profile defaults or outright implosions are good reminders that these types of unsecured loans entail numerous risks.

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