Cool Cats NFT Soar 14% as Animoca Brands Announces Investment

Cool Cats NFT Soar 14% as Animoca Brands Announces Investment

The iconic digital cats have just made new friends in the Web3 space. Animoca brands, the company focused on digital property and metaverse, have announced a strategic investment plan into Cool Cats NFTs.

It’s GAMEE Time for Cool Cats

Previously, Cool Cats NFT project signed a partnership with GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. The deal took off on September 1st, 2022, and brought the Web3 enthusiasts exclusive NFT airdrops as well as members-only contests. Yat Siu, the Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, explains the choice for collaboration: “Cool Cats NFT is a leading example of metaverse native IP based on the principle of decentralized ownership”, – says the co-founder of the leading blockchain gaming enterprise.

Cool Cats NFT Floor Price Surges

Right after the announcement, the floor price for the blue-chip Cool Cats NFT collection skyrocketed by 14%. At press time, the 22-ranked Ethereum (ETH) NFT project has a price floor of 3.4 Ethereum (ETH), which converts to $4608.29. Besides, the NFT avatar project enjoyed success for the past month, as the Cool Cats NFT floor price grew by 65.85% since September. Ultimately, the NFT sales of the feline NFT collection tripled in the last 30 days.

Cool Cats Reveal Next Cool Comics

Furthermore, the Cool Cats NFT community posted a message on Medium to explain what’s coming up next in relation to the Cool Comics. The first edition of the digital comics series has been “a raging success”, therefore the NFT project just launched the animated Comic on YouTube.

Besides, 100 of the Cool Cat Comics were airdropped to Cool Pet NFT holders, but there are 25 more to go. While 20 of them are given to the developers of Cool Cats NFT as an appreciation for their hard and dedicated work, there are 5 more to be airdropped. These Cool Cat Comics will find their owners in the upcoming giveaways. In addition, there’s going to be a physical Cool Cats Comic claim in early October, so owners of the feline blue-chip NFT have a lot to look forward to.

On the Flipside

Why You Should Care

The valuation for the Web3 gaming giant Animoca Brands stands at $5.5 billion. The partnership can significantly increase the total NFT market cap.

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