ConsenSys Announces New Policy Update to MetaMask and Infura Amidst Privacy Backlash

ConsenSys Announces New Policy Update to MetaMask and Infura Amidst Privacy Backlash

Market-leading blockchain technology company ConsenSys has issued a clarification of its recent policy update. It stated that it plans to only store and retain user data for up to seven days.  

ConsenSys Updates Data Retention Policy

ConsenSys, the company behind the MetaMask, has said it will update policies for the crypto wallet. Last month’s criticized policy would have seen ConsenSys collect user names, dates of birth, IP addresses, contact information, gender, and wallet data.

In a blog post on Tuesday, December 6th, ConsenSys explained the new updates to data retention on two of its core products — MetaMask and Infura. The move is in response to the backlash the company received for the earlier update.

The New Changes Made by ConsenSys

According to ConsenSys, the company will only collect wallet and IP addresses when users make a transaction to ensure successful propagation, execution, and other functionalities like DDoS protection.

ConsenSys clarified that the new data retention update will see the data collected stored for only seven days. It also notes that it does not sell user data, strictly adhering to “the use limitations described in our privacy policy.”

ConsenSys will limit data collection to on-chain transactions, not every time user avail of their account balances. 

On the Flipside

  • Over the next week, ConsenSys will be “rolling out a new advanced settings page” that will allow all new users to choose their own RPC providers.

Why You Should Care

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys, says the company accelerated its activities based on the recent intensity of the discussion on privacy concerns.

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