Chainmonsters Kickstarts Pre-Sale Ahead of Full Game Launch

Chainmonsters Kickstarts Pre-Sale Ahead of Full Game Launch

Chainmonsters, B-Side Games’ flagship Pokemon-inspired MMORPG, has announced its Foundation sale ahead of the official game launch scheduled for Q1 2023. The massive monster-centric open-world exploration game will release limited numbers of exclusive NFTs starting November 16th. 

The NFTs will be based upon Chainmonsters’ housing/land feature, which will be the highlight of the game’s Early Access version. For the first 24 hours, players will also get increased chances to earn rewards and bonuses for free. 

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Gearing up for Launch

B-Side Games’ Chainmonsters has seen significant success this year, with over 10,000 players playing the demo version of the game within its first month of release. In light of the demo’s success, B-Side Games has decided to skip the scheduled second beta phase and push for an ‘early access’ game. They are confident in their title’s ability to deliver a complete gaming experience by Q1 next year. 

The scheduled early release will house new challenges, game modes, mechanics, a larger world, new stories, and more. However, the highlight of the upcoming release will be the housing/land feature. 

The housing/land feature will enable players to access lands that they can personalize by crafting, assembling, arranging, and customizing in-game assets such as furniture and cosmetic NFTs. This feature will additionally mark a key development in Chainmonsters’ roadmap once it goes live next year. 

The developers will be holding a one-of-a-kind pre-sale, showcasing some exclusive NFT packs coupled with some exciting rewards. 

Here are some key details about the Foundation pre-sale:

  • Items, islands, packs, and house NFTs sold will be 100% exclusive to the Foundation pre-sale and will never be obtainable in-game. 
  • The pre-sale will offer three packs with varying rarity at different prices, starting from $20 all the way up to $200. 
  • The pre-sale will list six furniture and cosmetic NFTs, one exclusive player house, and three islands for players to unlock, depending on their pack. 
  • For the first 24 hours of the sale, every pack opened will have an increased chance to include free upgrades to NFTs from a higher tier. Players can earn a chance to upgrade their NFT to a house or an island free of charge on the first day of the Foundation pre-sale. 

The foundation pre-sale will presumably be the last major event before the full-game launch as the game approaches completion. 

On the Flipside

  • A rare pack costs $20, an epic pack costs $80, and a legendary pack costs $200. All three packs include any two of the six furniture/ cosmetics listed. The epic pack will also include a player house, and the legendary pack will include an island. The rare pack seems to have the best value considering every item it contains will have a chance to upgrade to a house or an island for the first 24 hours of the pre-sale. 

Why You Should Care

The Foundation presale will be the last event before the full-game launch. The MMORPG is all set for Q1 2023, as more players anticipate the game’s completion. Chainmonsters has shown grit with its aesthetically appealing game. It has all the elements of a AAA game and could also play a major role in welcoming the next wave of gamers to Web 3.0.

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