Chainmonsters Demo Available Free on All Platforms

Chainmonsters Demo Available Free on All Platforms

On October 6th, the demo for the highly anticipated Chainmonsters, a Play to Earn (P2E) game similar in concept to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, was made available for free on all major gaming platforms, including Steam, Apple Testflight, and Google Play. The announcement came via posts on the game’s official blog and Twitter account.

Players can download the Chainmonsters demo on their desired platform and play the game without any access code or invitation. Player accounts will be created in the background within the game itself without any need for prior registration. The public demo comes after the Chainmonsters closed beta, which released earlier this year and required an invitational code to access. 

The Chainmonsters demo is intended to generate exposure for the upcoming open beta, which is expected to take place in 2023. Since the game’s release, Chainmonsters has been incentivizing player participation by holding weekly giveaways for exclusive collectibles via daily quests.

The Chainmonsters Demo: What’s in it?

Chainmonsters is a Play to Earn, online, multiplayer, role-playing game that shares similarities with Pokemon, Axie Infinity, and Genshin Impact. Players can visit ‘Ancora’ to catch, battle, and trade monsters with various exciting abilities. 

The Chainmonsters demo is a key milestone in the game’s roadmap: here are some of the highlights players can expect.

World Battles

Players can explore Ancora to battle, and attempt to catch, wild ‘Chainmons’. These mystical creatures spawn in specific parts of the world, with each offering different abilities, stats, and rarities. 


Thousands of players can participate in a shared multiplayer space within the same server. Players are then further divided into multiple instances that can host up to 100 players at once. The developers behind the game boast that the Chainmonsters demo can easily handle even the most crowded servers without suffering any setbacks. 

After completing the story’s first chapter, players can challenge each other to battle with their Chainmons.

Improved Graphics and Performance

The Chainmonsters demo features significantly improved its graphics and performance on all platforms and devices. New additions include: 

  • An Improved UI 
  • Day and night cycles
  • New environments
  • Visual effects for Chaimon abilities

Players can play on any platform at a stable framerate and experience the same visuals across all devices.

Participation Rewards

In celebration of the release of the Chaimonsters demo, Chainmonsters is giving away unique collectibles to everyone who plays during the demo’s availability. 

Players can complete in-game activities like quests, stories, and daily missions to gain EXP, as well as participate in weekly giveaways for rare collectibles by buying raffle tickets. 

Rewards include: 

  • Crystal Chainmon skins
  • Amber Chainmon skins
  • Kickstarter outfits
  • N-Corp jackets and beanies
  • Founder Tokens
  • Mysterious tickets

On the Flipside

  • A date for the full release of Chainmonsters has yet to be announced, and there is also no clear indication of when the open beta launch will go live.
  • The Chainmonsters demo was expected to be released in August. With the demo being delayed, it is reasonable to infer that the open beta may also be pushed back.

Why You Should Care

The Chainmonsters demo is a key phase in the Chainmonsters roadmap, and is espected to be reflective of what players can expect the game to look like upon its ultimate release. The game has exceptional visuals and mechanics for a blockchain game, and represents a major step in the right direction for Play to Earn games.

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