Californian Cannabis Nursery Adopts Blockchain to Keep Record of Weed Strains

Californian Cannabis Nursery Adopts Blockchain to Keep Record of Weed Strains

The Californian cannabis nursery Mendocino Clone Company turned to blockchain technology for assistance in keeping track of plant traits, ascertaining authenticity, and marking clones with unique batch certificates. The batch certificates provide a unique identifier block for each plant, which is stored on Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain.

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How Cannabis and Blockchain Band Together

Indeed, the cannabis supply chain joined forces with blockchain technology after continuous research revealed that blockchain could be used to keep medical records thanks to its trustless nature. Thus, storing valuable information without the possibility of erasing it creates an objective level of transparency. This is seen in Nebula Genomics, MedicalChain, and BurstIQ.

In the case of California’s cannabis-cultivating Mendocino Clone Company (MCC), there’s also the utilization of blockchain beyond simply storing medicinal records and strain information. On top of that, the Californian weed growers also sparked the EMTRI Project in late 2022. This is a decentralized cannabis supply chain community, dishing out crypto-related rewards for enthusiasts.

Crypto Rewards for Licensed Cannabis Cultivators

To qualify for EMTRI crypto rewards, licensed cultivators must purchase one of Mendocino’s clones. Participants can “unlock EMTRI Token rewards and receive a higher rate for participating in the blockchain project as truth-tellers.”

Jed Davis, the CEO of MCC, gladly shared the advantages of Web3 technology. Firstly, every mother plant, including the baby plants, gets a Batch Certificate which confirms characteristics like genetic lineage. The self-generated Web3 smart contract also “provides valuable peace of mind for growers and breeders who rely on the quality and genetics of their clones to produce top-quality cannabis,” Mr. Davis assures.

On the Flipside

  • EMTRI Project’s native cryptocurrency, EMTRI (EMT), is not listed on the major tracker CoinGecko.
  • Further, EMT can only be traded on UniSwap and is currently priced at $5.18, according to DexGuru.

Why You Should Care

Blockchain technology can be successfully implemented in the medical and agriculture sectors. Its transparent mechanisms also make it easy to store vital data indefinitely.

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