’s Pacman Publicizes Identity After 401 Days of Pseudonymity’s Pacman Publicizes Identity After 401 Days of Pseudonymity

  • One of the builders behind Blur, known as “Pacman”, has shared his image with the community.
  • Pacman opined that exponential community growth drove his decision to end his anonymity. 
  • The introduction follows recent NFT trading volumes on Blur surpassing OpenSea volumes.

The zero-fee NFT marketplace is fresh in the NFT scene but has already surpassed one of the titan marketplaces, OpenSea.

On February 22nd, 2023, the co-founder of Blur NFT marketplace Tieshun “Pacman” Roquerre has revealed his identity along with relevant historical facts in a Twitter thread.

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The former pseudo-figurehead revealed that he had often disclosed his identity in “private calls to establish trust,” nominating the 6th largest BAYC NFT holder franklinisbored to attest to the claim.

According to the co-founder, he had enjoyed the anonymity of remaining pseudonymous for the first “401 days” of building Blur. However, as the NFT marketplace has “grown exponentially,” Roquerre made the call to finally introduce himself to the public.

Roquerre has stated that the increased growth of the Blur community is limiting his capacity for “1:1 calls,” and therefore, he has decided to share his “Web2” self for the public eye next to his “Web3” avatar most have come to know.

The OpenSea Usurper?

The co-founder’s revelation is hot on the heels of Blur toppling OpenSea with $500M worth of NFTs traded in the past seven days.

Considering the relative newness of Blur, the marketplace is already hosting high-rolling NFT collections such as Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Doodles, Porsche 911, and more, preserving its current position in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, Blur is encouraging the NFT community to pledge loyalty to the platform to increase their chances of receiving more tokens in a new airdrop worth $300M, dubbed Season 2. Blur’s 100% loyalty requirement will increase users’ chances of getting more tokens, with those who list their NFTs only on Blur considered more loyal and thus more likely to receive larger token airdrops. 

Blur’s recent moves are expected to maintain the edge in the marketplace in the competitive NFT landscape.

On the Flipside

  • OpenSea has offered temporary zero trading fees to counter the rise of Blur.
  • Traders have not responded favorably and continue to gravitate towards Blur, expecting to receive more tokens.

Why You Should Care

By outperforming leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, Blur is poising itself for sustained growth, exemplified by the platform’s recent efforts to move away from pseudonymity, as displayed by Pacman.

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