Blankos Block Party Announces Retro-Themed Atari Build Competition

Blankos Block Party Announces Retro-Themed Atari Build Competition

Blankos Block Party has collaborated with Atari to host a retro-themed build competition. The contest challenges players to create something around the retro gaming theme and reiterate iconic Atari games. 

For context, Atari-2600 was the dominant gaming system in the 1980s with some of the most iconic games in the decade such as Asteroid and Mission Command. Back then, Atari was synonymous with the video gaming console. 

Blankos Block Party x Atari: What’s the Contest About?

Coming to the build competition, the concept is simple – players will have to build a party themed around Atari and retro gaming in Blankos Block Party. The audience will then play the parties in-game and vote for their favorite ones. 

The community votes will determine the Top 10 entries of the Atari build contest. A final internal voting round by Mythical Games will select the Top 4 winners. The event starts on August 23 and concludes on September 6.


To take part in the contest, Blankos Block Party players will have to adhere to certain rules. To begin with, one player can only submit an entry. 

Here are the rules, summarized:

  • The theme of your party must be Atari or Atari vintage games.
  • Submissions should be unique and made by the participants. Copyrighted and trademarked content cannot be used. Atari-owned materials and in-game assets are exceptions to this. 
  • The parties need to be PG-rated. The party entry cannot have sexualized content or anything related to drug use.
  • Submissions need to be named in the following format: “Atari Party [YOUR PARTY NAME HERE]”

Apart from this, other general rules of Mythical Games are applicable. 


As mentioned earlier, the party’s theme has to be Atari or something around Atari-owned properties. This includes Airborne Ranger, Basketbrawl, Circus Atari, Crystal Castles, and more. The full list of Atari-owned properties can be found here

How to Participate/Submit

Participation and submission are quite simple. Here’s a rundown of the process:

  • Players can register through the Google form. They have to enter their display name and Mythical account email ID and the correct Party name. 
  • Participants have to publish their party as unpublished entries won’t be considered. The submission also has to be published on Imgur.
  • Select the “New Post” option on the top left of the Imgur webpage and drop the screenshot. A link will emerge for copy and paste on the Google form.


There are attractive prizes for winners and participants of the contest. The top 4 winner prizes have not been revealed yet, which they will get along with the rewards for being in the top 10.

The top 10 entries will get the following:

  • 1000 Blanko Bucks
  • Participation Award

The participation reward entails:

  • Visage Blanko
  • 5000 XP Chips

On the Flipside

  • Blankos Block Party often gets criticized for high entry costs.

Why You Should Care

Blankos Block Party is gearing up for a launch on Epic Games. And as the game is progressing towards it, it seems to be proactively hosting events and keeping the community engaged. In any case, the Atari contest sounds exciting and will recreate several iconic games. 

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