Binance Scores a Deal with TikTok Star Khaby Lame

Binance Scores a Deal with TikTok Star Khaby Lame

In these unclear and cloudy times for crypto, someone who can add some clarity is welcomed with warm hands. The biggest social media star at the moment, Khaby Lame, might be the ‘crypto Captain Obvious’ that everyone is waiting for, as the half Italian half Senegalese comedian scored a big deal with Binance.

Explaining Crypto in a Fun Way

One of the main reasons why Binance chose Khaby Lame to be their face on TikTok, is that the Italian-Senegalese comedian started his road to stardom by making pranks out of ‘life hack’ videos.

The first featured video includes a woman looking for a way to ‘start the Web3 journey’, but clearly having problems with it, as her search query on her laptop screen reads ‘wtfff iz web3?’. But then, Binanceman (The Binance Superhero) steps in and saves the day simply by taking the girl’s laptop and entering Binance’s address. ‘Keep it simple’, the Binanceman says.

A Binance spokesperson said Khaby Lame will help spread the word about crypto and Web3 to an audience that doesn’t necessarily want to read long articles and take complex, time-consuming courses. Ironically enough, the top influencer on TikTok barely speaks in his videos, so it will be exciting to see how Khaby Lame tries to explain blockchains, NFTs and DeFi apps in a couple of words. Challenge accepted?

Khalil Lame commented ‘I’ve been curious about web3 for some time, and jumped at the chance to partner with a leader like Binance because it aligns perfectly with what I usually do: make complex stuff easy and fun for everyone!’. Indeed, his audience is large to say the least – the comedian’s got 145 million followers on TikTok and another extra $75 million on Instagram.

More Celebrities Partner With Crypto

Despite the ongoing macroeconomic turndown, Binance managed not only to keep their workers unlike Coinbase or Gemini, but also expanded further by opening new positions. Even though Bitcoin (BTC) price is still as low as $19,000, Binance scored a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo just a week ago. The world’s most talented football player is ‘ready to change the NFT game’ and is eager to release his sports history NFTs.

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