Axie Infinity Origin Season 0 Phase 3 Brings NFT Runes & Charms Minting

Axie Infinity Origin Season 0 Phase 3 Brings NFT Runes & Charms Minting

Axie Infinity Origin has rolled out Phase 3 of Season 0. With the latest update, the game will get some new features, tweaks, and more. 

The much awaited Runes and Charms mining has been added to the game. Meanwhile, the SLP rewards can now be earned in the ranked mode. Apart from this, the devs have introduced some balance changes. 

Axie Infinity Origin Season 0 Phase 3: What’s New?

As the game is progressing towards the official season 1 launch, the devs are enhancing and perfecting the game. 

Origin’s latest Phase 3 update includes some key changes, here are the highlights:

  • Smooth Love Potion will be moved to Axie Infinity Origin

As per the plan, SLPs will be transferred from Axie Infinity Classic (V2) to Axie Infinity Origin (V3). The devs believe this move will help balance the SLP economy better. To earn SLP rewards, players will have to win PvP battles. In Origin, Smooth Love Potion will be used to mint NFTs, that is, Charms and Runes. 

  • NFT Runes & Charms

Ever since season 0 began, there have been talks about Runes and Charms, ERC-155 tokens. These NFTs need SLPs and Moon Shards to craft and they can be minted into the blockchains. Players can buy, sell, or gift the tokens using the marketplace. 

Here’s an official tutorial on how to mint the Runes and Charms:

Minting the NFTs is accompanied by a small fee, which has to be paid in AXS every time an NFT is minted. The mint time for season 0 is set at 7 days. 

  • Other changes

Apart from the SLP transfer and NFT minting, there have been other balance changes and adjustments:

  1. Leaderboard changes: Season 0 will have 60,708 AXS paid out to 20,000 players
  2. Crafting changes: New crafting recipes, moonstones and moondust cannot be crafted anymore, and some balance changes
  3. Disenchanting: Changes to disenchanting rates
  4. Moon Shard Rewards: Players can now earn utility items like moondust and moonstones by playing

In addition to these, there are a few other balance changes. To know more about the updates, visit the official blog post

On the Flipside

  • Compared to the Classic version, Origin is easier and fast-paced. To many, this pace makes the game “rushed” rather than strategy-based.

Why You Should Care

As a spiritual successor to Axie Infinity Classic, Origin might be the next big thing. It will certainly be better than Classic and feel more like a “game”. The new NFT-minting update and changes indicate that Origin’s economy is well-planned alongside gameplay.

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